MPs To Debate Cannabis Legislation This Friday

February 18, 2021 | 6 Comments

“This Friday the Government will also debate cannabis legislation that was tabled in the House of Assembly by the Attorney General in December,” Premier David Burt said.

Speaking at this week’s press briefing, Premier Burt said, “This Friday the Government will also debate cannabis legislation that was tabled in the House of Assembly by the Attorney General in December.

“This legislation is in keeping with the Government’s election platform pledge to develop a regulated domestic cannabis industry in Bermuda that will create new economic opportunities for Bermudian entrepreneurs while enhancing protections for young persons in our community.

“I look forward to this debate, and I encourage all persons to tune in,” the Premier said.

In December 2020, the Attorney-General Kathy Lynn Simmons said, “This Bill will usher in lawful regulation of all such activities involved—directly or ancillary—to the cultivation, import, export, production, sale, supply, use or transport of cannabis or medicinal cannabis or products derived from cannabis or medicinal cannabis in Bermuda.

“Provisions in the Bill will permit lawful activities relating to the cannabis plant, medicinal cannabis, cannabis products and cannabis-infused food products. It also grants monitoring, inspection and enforcement powers to the regulator: The Cannabis Licensing Authority.

“The lawful activities associated with cannabis will also include personal adult-use and consumption of lawfully obtained cannabis plant material, medicinal cannabis, cannabis products and cannabis-infused food products for persons 21 years of age or older. It is expected that lawful access to cannabis will reduce the illicit trade in cannabis and the associated harms.

“The presented Bill is the culmination of a comprehensive social justice reform project to liberalize our cannabis laws in line with global contemporary thought, scientific evidence and overwhelming public support. ”

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  1. Jevon Ray says:

    If you can vote, drink alchohol at 18……it should be the same for cannabis.

    • saud says:

      …and if straight people can get married, so should gay people…right, jevon?

      • sage says:

        They can, since 2017 it is completely legal and equal to OSM, you ain’t tied the knot yet? The appeal to the Privy Council will fail and it will remain legal. No one is imprisoned and made out as a criminal for SS acts or SSM, in fact I doubt anyone ever was here. Conversely scores of people have been locked up in jail and prison, criminalized, marginalized, denied employment and denied entry to the US for a beneficial plant that is far safer than all the legal drugs. Sadly assent will not be given if what happened in another colony is any indication.

  2. Rules please says:

    The police don’t monitor its use now. Please make it illegal to use in public places and enforce it! That includes sporting venues!

    • Islander says:

      That’s what all this is about. With some of the regulations and licenses involved, you can host an event that allows for consumption. Adult private events – sure. The AG show – probably not.

  3. sage says:

    The proposal in its entirety is still a “dogs breakfast” as a lawyer so eloquently summed it up.

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