OBA: Seems A ‘Smoke Screen’ For Independence

April 6, 2022

Cole Simons Bermuda December 2018[Updated] The Cannabis legislation “appears to be a smoke screen for the PLP Government’s real agenda, which is to build a case for independence,” Opposition Leader Cole Simons said, with Mr Simons asking if the PLP Government is “intentionally orchestrating a real case for their own political endgame for Independence.”

Mr Simons said, “From the OBA’ s perspective, the recent Cannabis legislation appears to be a smoke screen for the PLP Government’s real agenda, which is to build a case for independence.

“As wise as they are, the Premier and the Attorney General’s Chambers have worked together for an extended period with the United Kingdom’s Home Office and the Foreign Commonwealth office, to ensure that Bermuda’s Cannabis laws do not fall afoul of the UK’s international obligations as they pertain to illicit drugs and some controlled drugs.

“While we recognize and accept that the Government does not have to take the advice of the Home Office, the question is “what impact will the commercial production and sale of marijuana have on Bermuda Inc. and on our population?”

“As we all know and appreciate, Bermuda enjoys an enviable reputation as an internationally renowned financial jurisdiction. Global organizations in insurance, fund administration companies and banking are registered in Bermuda and trade in the international financial markets.

“Has the PLP Government calculated the impact that Cannabis legislation may have on these businesses because of Bermuda’s noncompliance to international Anti-Money Laundering Legislation and Drug Enforcement legislation?  Have they even considered the health, safety and social implications on our local population?

“Are the Premier and the PLP Government intentionally orchestrating a real case for their own political endgame for Independence, knowing that the Royal Assent may not forthcoming?

“The truth is, should the Governor make the decision not to provide Royal Assent, which would be a first in Bermuda’s constitutional history, the Premier will likely declare that the PLP tried to remove cannabis as a controlled drug under Bermuda’s Misuse of Drugs Act 1972, but the legislation was not signed off by the UK Government.   He would then dramatically proclaim that Bermuda has a constitutional crisis at hand, a crisis that exists only in the mind of the Premier.

“Going forward, the Premier would then go down in history as recusing himself of taking responsibility for not removing Cannabis as a controlled drug, and the establishment of local and international cannabis industry managed from Bermuda, even though there is no national push or demand for the Cannabis industry from the people of Bermuda. So why is the Premier campaigning to deliver this agenda?

“Once again, this is another example of one of the Premier’s sleight-of-hand tactics. Bermuda, we must all pay attention to what is going on in our country and why. Bermuda deserves better.”

Update April 7, 8.47am: A PLP spokesperson said, “It is an appalling degree of insensitivity and naked politics that on a day when this country is reeling from the tragic death of a young man in what appear to be terrible circumstances, the Leader of the Opposition would issue a statement of pure fantasy. He need not be concerned. When the time for sovereignty at hand it will not be a secret and it will not be by some back door maneuver. It will be an open process, reflective of the will of the people.

“This statement is just disrespectful to the true issues that are of concern to the people of Bermuda. The PLP echoes the statement from Minister Weeks yesterday with regards to the unfortunate murder and extend heartfelt condolences to the family and friends of the deceased.”

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  1. Ringmaster says:

    The Legislation was not supported by at least 11 PLP MPs’, who wouldn’t vote No but had to go to the bathroom or took sick. Maybe more if you add in Cabinet members who had to vote yes or find another job. Hold a referendum on the Legislation and see how the population feels about it.

  2. Unbelievable says:

    Bermuda will never go independent as long as we have this crushing debt to pay off. Bermuda has no standing on the world stage with very little clout. The majority of these exempt companies in Town have more money than the BDA Government does anyway and so the PLP dare not upset that apple cart with talk of independence. This is another ploy to get the voter base angry at the UK/white people/colonialism, etc when election time comes around.

  3. Joe Bloggs says:

    The OBA is a day late and a dollar short on this issue

    • Smith says:

      That’s what happens when you use a another front man to try and swing votes.

  4. No $ from weeds says:

    they don’t listen to the people ( but for a few ) its a dictatorship. There will be no big job gain ( unless a F of F ) nor huge profits ( again except for specific F of F ). Its Burts pure arrogance and dictatorial style and the position is only just seeing the back door agenda no wonder they lost so badly.

  5. Zzzz says:

    This Cannabis legislation doesn’t make sense. All publicly traded Cannabis stocks and ETF’s are performing horribly. It’s called weed for a reason and this is an industry with no barriers to entry. There is no scenario in which Bermuda will be able to compete.