Bermuda Commits $50,000 To Help St. Vincent

April 15, 2021

Bermuda will commit $50,000 to assist St. Vincent as the island nation deals with a volcanic eruption, with the Government saying that we have a “moral imperative to play our part in the regional and international effort to help.”

A Government spokesperson said, “Premier the Hon. David Burt, JP, MP and Deputy Premier the Hon. Walter Roban, JP, MP today joined an emergency meeting of the Caricom Heads of Government, convened to receive the latest reports on the continuing impact of the eruption of La Soufriere on the Island of St. Vincent.”

The Premier said: “Leaders heard first-hand how this natural disaster is displacing thousands of people from their homes and radically altering the landscape of the Island. There is a concerted effort to ensure the people of St. Vincent and the Grenadines have access to the basic necessities and can, even now, start to lay the groundwork for rebuilding their nation.”

Social media has played a huge part in keeping the world abreast of the ongoing situation. Minister Roban noted: “The videos and reports from the area are breathtaking in the display of the immense power of nature as we see ash covering portions of neighbouring Barbados as well.”

Image courtesy of the UWI Seismic Research centre:


The Deputy Premier continued: “We have been liaising with both Caricom and Cedema since the eruptions started and having conferred with the Premier I was pleased to advise the meeting that Bermuda will commit $50,000 in support of the effort to assist St. Vincent.

“This sum will come from the budgeted Cabinet Office Overseas Hurricane Relief allocation. The human impact of this event is such that we have a moral imperative to play our part in the Regional and international effort to help.”

Minister Roban concluded: “I know St. Vincent well and the people are resilient and proud of their country. The assistance from Bermuda will be welcomed and it is a sobering reminder for us that even in the midst of all that we must manage with Covid-19, that country now adds an active volcano to complicate its own battle against the global pandemic.

“We continue to keep them in our thoughts and extend prayers for their continued safety.”

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  1. Can I get some $ says:

    I could use 50,000! Government always makes it sound like it’s their money!!!

    • Correct says:

      Correct, I’ll like to know where is this money tree, they keep finding money to spend??

      • Dejavu says:

        As long as we keep paying taxes they will have money to give away to whom they want. They could have gave every adult in Bermuda $1000 out of that 50 grand. But they give it to another country that has never helped us by the way. Also we aren’t a Caribbean island so idk why we keep getting involved like we are. Charity starts at home

        • No mathematician says:

          I’m no mathematician, but that’s not how math works.

    • Payattention says:

      You people are really sickkkkk!! You could use the money?? You’re going to compare your wants/”needs” to the catastrophic devastation thousands of evacuees are facing in St. Vincent? We, Bermuda, have so much to be thankful for; including not having someone that thinks like you responsible for making critical decisions.

      • Yes I am says:

        My family is STARVING! We are in lines at soup kitchens every single day as construction is shut down and with 2 kids we have no income other than what Government supplies which covers only our rent and insurance!

        So YES we are in a disaster ourselves and giving our money to others should not be our focus! But you and yours are probably doing fine so sending a cool 50,000 away is nothing to you!!!

        • mixitup says:

          Wow – ^^^This is the mentality that has the world in the chaos it is today… So let me get this correct, you are facing a ‘disaster’ due to this pandemic, St.Vincent residents are facing a disaster due to this pandemic. A volcano erupts in Bermuda causing you to evacuate your COUNTRY in 48hours…The resident of ST.Vincent looks to you and say’s “oh well” I’m facing my own disaster…. It’s that selfishness that is the world today.

          To the people of St. Vincent, I hope that if Bermuda ever had to face the catastrophe you all are facing, that you will lend whatever helping hand that you can to us.

  2. Shakinah says:

    I’m a bermudian living here in saint vincent and I am so proud to hear my homeland can assist the country of my birth. But that money will reach St. Vincents government and never the people who truly need it.

    • See what I mean says:

      Typical story result and being confirmed by one of our own! Stop wasting our money PLP – it’s OUR money not yours!!!