BPS: Regulations Prohibit Cycling For Recreation

April 13, 2021

The police have reminded people that the ‘Stay at Home’ regulations “specifically prohibit the use of pedal cycles for recreation/exercise on Bermuda’s highways.”

Assistant Commissioner of Police Martin Weekes said, “The Bermuda Police Service wishes to remind the public that as with the previous ‘Shelter in Place’ Regulations from 2020, the 2021 ‘Stay at Home’ Regulations specifically prohibit the use of pedal cycles for recreation/exercise on Bermuda’s highways.

“If however your pedal cycle is your normal mode of transport and you are using it to go to and from work or attend a permitted business/medical appointment, then that use is allowed under the current Regulations as if you were using a car or motorcycle.

“The BPS reminds the public that under the current regulations, exercise has been restricted to within a one kilometre radius of your home, on foot by yourself or with one other household member.”

The regulations — which can be read in full here – state, “No person shall drive or ride a vehicle of any description [including a bicycle], on any public or private road during the curfew, except for a purpose permitted by these regulations.”

As far as daily exercise, the regulations state you can go “for a walk or run, alone or with one other member of the same household, for a maximum period of sixty minutes per day during the hours of 7am to 7pm only, remaining at all times within a distance of one kilometre from his home.”

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  1. Smh says:

    Lol Why? Burt must have been riding his pedal bike when he got his corona light.

  2. Gilberto says:

    Can anyone from the government explain why this would be the case? What benefit do you get from enforcing this type of restriction?

    I don’t disagree with a lockdown, but it needs to make sense..

    • wahoo says:

      The people making the rules don’t ride pedal bikes or have boats.

    • Unbelievable says:

      Because humans are opportunistic and they will ride their pedal bikes to granny’s, their honey’s, their auntie’s and anywhere else under the guise of “exercise”. I’m not a Burt supporter but he did say last year “Don’t tear it!”. Didn’t he?

      Well now so many of us have “torn it” and we are in the situation we are in. The Govt is right to do this.

  3. Dunn juice says:

    Stupidest rules ..
    Guys are dreamers.

  4. Robin rechtub says:

    Absolutely ridiculous rules. Cycling alone most people couldn’t catch me to catch Covid-19

  5. Circada says:

    These rules take no account of parents with small children. If there are more than one child, they would all need to go with the parent. Can two parents walk with their or more children? Small kids often ride bikes alongside walking parents as otherwise they fall behind.

  6. Golden child says:

    So what if one has a back problem and walking and running aggravates it
    And their orthopedic doctor recommends cycling
    For exercise this is the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard
    So one must lay home and not exercise because cycling is their only way
    Utter nonsense as long as they stay within the allotted distance what is the problem!! Silly

  7. Baba says:

    Because it doesn’t make sense, none of it does don’t try to apply logic cycling is as dangerous to catch COVID as soaking up the sun on the beach!!!
    Stay at home order is tuning our island into a comunist country hardly any other country has tight measures like BDA.

  8. Sandra says:

    So if I am a single mother of 2 kids, I cant go out and get daily exercise! Now that’s dumb – I can only take kids to exercise one at a time, but who takes care of the kid at home while I take the other one out!!!

  9. robin rechtub says:

    Ridiculous rules, I abide by the regulations for over a year, get vaccinated,lose money every day because of covidiots and now can’t partake in a pastime that keeps me sane and fit. If I’m cycling alone and stay within the boundary limits how can this be deemed a risk – yet I can cycle to work!!

  10. Hey says:

    They are trying to prevent people from spreading the virus across the island, by limiting people to a 1km area. Cyclists could do laps which should be fine, but it is hard to monitor. Just as it is with runners. Yet runners or running isn’t banned.

    I thinks this is wholly unfair and draconian. Rule should be only allowed to cycle solo, no groups allowed. Hope they rethink this one.

  11. Mark says:

    I don’t have that information available just now.

  12. kevin says:

    Last year we were allowed 1 mile radius this year 1km that is 330 yards is this a mistake or really 1km

  13. High Blood Pressure says:

    I had a stroke in 2018 which left me paralyzed for near two years. It is now going on three years and I still haven’t totally recovered. I can Not run nor walk for exercise which I must do to avoid another stroke but I can cycle. I have to cycle to stay alive. If I don’t cycle regularly my blood pressure skyrockets sending back to having another stroke. This is a ridiculous law for me as I am already fighting to stay alive. Do I sit back and die just because of a law which you would claim is set to save lives?

    • sandgrownan says:

      Ignore it, there’s not a jury that would convict. Heck, I’d support you on principle.

  14. Cotton Wool Brigade says:

    I posted a similar comment under the “(Obsolete) 14-Page Document” Article, but I think it’s worth adding to and repeating.

    Can we all agree that Bermuda has an obesity problem, or at least agree a large number of our population falls into the “overweight” category? Our diabetes epidemic overwhelmingly supports this view.
    According the the CDC, “Having obesity may triple the risk of hospitalization due to a COVID-19 infection.
    Obesity is linked to impaired immune function. More than 900,000 adult COVID-19 hospitalizations occurred in the United States between the beginning of the pandemic and November 18, 2020. Models estimate that 271,800 (30.2%) of these hospitalizations were attributed to obesity”. In addition, the CDC also states “ Non-Hispanic Black adults had the highest prevalence of self-reported obesity (39.8%), followed by Hispanic adults (33.8%), and non-Hispanic White adults (29.9%)”.
    From CNN, March 5, 2021: A report published by the World Obesity Foundation stated “The risk of death from Covid-19 is about 10 times higher in countries where most of the population is overweight. Researchers found that by the end of 2020, global Covid-19 death rates were more than 10 times higher in countries where more than half the adults are overweight, compared to countries where fewer than half are overweight.”

    So, Bermuda, with an overall weight problem (applicable to all races), explain why government is not ENCOURAGING everyone to get outside and exercise for as much time as they like, IN ANY FORM THEY LIKE, and where they like?

    We are a year on, there is so much more information available, and yet government seems hellbent on applying the same ill-informed logic on us all again. Are they expecting a different result this time? Is that not the definition of INSANITY?

  15. Bibbla says:

    Why is a perfectly healthy low impact means of exercise not allowed and with all the potholes it keeps you mentally sharp too.
    South shore Paget is in such a sad state you risk breaking an ankle every other step, the sidewalks are overgrown with foliage, non existent or look like a river has ripped through for the past decade. Now even with minimal traffic it is dangerous, the only safe route was the railway trail. Now why with all their 2020 hindsight are they afraid of cycling or using parks if they are within your 1 km zone. One minute they are saying stop the spread and use social distancing, then they corral us all onto the same streets.
    Premiere Burt, if hindsight was 2020 why haven’t you rectified the obvious flaws from 2020, I thought we had a bit of time to think about it didn’t we

    • vaccinated says:

      Drove through spanish point lately, horrendous. Ive heard for the last couple lections they are working on it, i guess if plp had an mp that lived in point they wouldve been paved.
      All a bunch of puppets

  16. drew says:

    It’s done because a certain percentage of the population will get their hands on pedal bikes and head to a house where a party will kick up, and if they are stopped by the police on the way there they can simply say with are getting their exercise.

    • Unbelievable says:

      Exactly. Thank you. How is this so hard to understand?

  17. sandgrownan says:

    Just saw a couple cycling down McGall’s Hill. Good for them, getting some fresh air and exercise.