600+ Customers Lose Power In St George’s

April 13, 2021

[Updated] Some residents in the east end are apparently spending their first ‘Stay at Home’ morning without power, with the BELCO map currently showing 648 customers without power in St George’s. We have asked BELCO for comment and will update as able.

Update 11.25am: BELCO said: “An outage affecting +600 people in St. Georges is the result of a damaged pole. Crews are on site and working to restore customers as soon as possible. Remember, for real time outage updates see our Outage Centre: https://www.belco.bm/outage-centre/outages.html.”

Update 1.13pm: BELCO said: “Power has been restored to all customers.”

Update 5.45pm: Shelly Leman, Managing Director of TD&R stated “BELCO advised that a damaged pole in St. George’s resulted in approximately 600 customers losing power at 10:30am this morning. Crews immediately responded to make repairs with power restored to all customers by 12.30 pm.”

Screenshot from the BELCO outage map this morning:

Power Outage In St Georges Bermuda April 13 2021

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  1. Ringmaster says:

    Last nights pole fire and pole replacement in Shelly Bay area at 7.20pm took BELCO 3 hours to restore power. Not a good start not knowing how long it would take with fresh food stocked in the fridge. Seems they are still using outdated equipment.

  2. Yow says:

    No need to worry. It was a low level outage.

  3. FFS says:

    World class supply. Just ask the RA. Only place in the world that has more unreliable power after a brand new power plant is built. Blackout, brown outs, load sheds, pole fires. Must be all the load from covid……..not. Do we get a discount for lack of service ?