Bus Service Will Be Suspended On Tuesday

April 12, 2021

Regular bus service will be suspended on Tuesday, April 13th, the Government has confirmed.

In a statement issued late this evening, a spokesperson said, “The Ministry of Transport advises that regular bus service will be suspended tomorrow [13 April 2021].

“The Department of Public Transportation will notify the public once regular bus service is due to resume. The Ministry of Transport apologises for any inconvenience caused.”

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  1. Hey says:

    Why am I not surprised…

  2. wahoo says:

    “The Ministry of Public Transport apologizes….” of course they do – that’s what they do best.

  3. Concerned Senior says:

    Will service be suspended the entire 7 days because I work at a grocery store and rely totally on the bus.

    Additionally I have a doctor’s appointment this Thursday that I will have to cancel if there is no bus service.

  4. QFF says:

    Tail wagging the dog. Chris Furbert runs Bermuda, not the Premier, the Government or the Governor. It’s no surprise, why would the bus drivers want to drive around empty buses for 7 days while most other government workers get to stay at home and get full pay.

  5. Sandgrownan says:

    This is news how?

    20 years, economy in tailspin, public services failing….unions in charge…. this is what you voted for… weak, ineffective leadership

    • wheels on the bus says:

      I wonder if this time off gets used as “sick days”. I am sure they are getting some form of remuneration but nobody has said what it is….I don’t recall the word strike being used.

  6. Ringmaster says:

    The Government is trialing a virtual bus service, with the drivers working from home. At least the mechanics have a week to fully service and clean the vehicles ready for the next stoppage.

  7. bluenose says:

    I’m sure the bus drivers won’t mind if the grocery store workers do the same.

  8. Dejavu says:

    Privatise the buses because this is beyond ridiculous. We can’t depend on the government bus service, so real one’s need to be created. Just like the Peter pan buses in America. They don’t interfere with government buses and the people get constant service

  9. kevin says:

    this is so typical and the biu are idiots to think they are right. They better not get paid ..one must work to get paid ….but its the civil service most dont actually work and fulfill their obligation but get paid

  10. Fisherman says:

    Saw a large fishing boat heading out towards SE yesterday morning, did Border Control catch him n take the fish????

  11. Cleaver says:

    So I’m confused on news last night the transport minister said a document was signed before they did they’re testing that they would resume service at 7pm that same evening. Then on comes Chris Furbert stating that THEY decided they wouldn’t go back. So now persons who rely on a bus who have to go to work or doctors appts etc. have to make other arrangements if they can cause Chris Furbert and his entourage refused to go back to work. I have no words except who’s in control here.