Floral Gifts, 189 Vaccinations Given, MPs Visit

May 8, 2021

Today Premier David Burt, Deputy Premier and Minister of Home Affairs Walter Roban, and the Minister of Finance Curtis Dickinson visited the Mobile Vaccination Centre at National Sports Centre in Devonshire.

“Some 156 people showed up to get the COVID-19 vaccine. This brings to 627 the number of people who have used the mobile vaccination service,” the Government said.

“In a show of appreciation, the Premier, Deputy Premier and Minister of Finance delivered flowers to mothers who were being vaccinated. The flowers were donated by Zurich International and Chubb and were provided by GiMi, Demco Florist and El Shaddai. Local DJ Juggling Jason played music for the attendees.”

Premier Burt said, “Thank you to everyone who came to get vaccinated today. Despite the rain showers, people came to do their part to help stop the spread of the coronavirus in our community. I extend my thanks to all the nurses, doctors and volunteers who participated in today’s Close to Home Mobile Vaccination Programme. I appreciate their hard work and on-going contributions to Bermuda.”

The Premier concluded, “To all the mothers, especially my mother, my wife and my sister, I wish you all a happy Mother’s Day tomorrow.”

The Close to Home mobile vaccination programme continues next week from 10am – 2pm at the following locations:

  • 11 May – Shelly Bay Marketplace car park
  • 13 May – T N Tatem school field
  • 16 May – Victor Scott Primary School

A free minibus service is available for anyone who needs a ride to any of the vaccination centres, including Bermuda College. Phone 533 5903 for information.






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  1. Voice says:

    But this is heralded as good news! 40% vaccinated when it is so easy to do is PATHETIC.

    We are the only country in the world acting this way.

    So you have to ask yourself why, and it comes back to the Government.

    Once again Burt panders to his voters, it is weak leadership and it is going to cost lives and the economy.

    I’m sorry but let’s be truthful. This is now a PLP issue. 40%!!

    • Sam Simons says:

      What nonsense are you talking ? How is Bermuda the only country in the whole World where people have hesitance to get a Covid vaccine ? Clearly you don’t read the news…Utter foolishness

      • Question says:

        In most places the limiting factor is availability of vaccine, not the stupidity of its population.

        Let’s stop calling it “hesitancy”. Everyone ‘hesitates’, it’s a natural reaction. You think about it, and weigh up the odds. Would I prefer a vaccine, maybe armache for a day, or would I prefer to die of covid? You ‘hesitate’, but then you get it.
        We should call it “refusal”. That way, we correctly label the fact that people have refused to take a simple step to protect themselves.

  2. Cleaver says:

    First of all I could not be more proud to be a Bermudian and what the Bermuda Government has done and is now doing with all the initiatives regarding the vaccination. I can tell you of many countries who are doing this same thing, you only had to watch CBS and ABC last night. Keep up the good work and I will keep encouraging Thank You!!

  3. COVID Super Transmission says:

    WTF?! No gloves and mixing of Household touchpoints by giving flowers to people not in your household?

    Where is the Weeks and the Police?!?

  4. Observer says:

    Buying votes with roses in the middle of a pandemic I’ve seen it all now. Hope you paid for those yourself Mr Burt and not out of the public purse.

    • CB says:

      The article states that the flowers were donated by two companies on the island.

  5. Ringmaster says:

    Question. Before these photo ops, people queued outside, sometimes for hours in the rain and shine, and then had to stay for 15 minutes to make sure there were no adverse reactions. Do drive throughs just get the jab and go? Has the need for speed dropped the safety net? If so, it just confirms that data and science has nothing to do with the restrictions placed on the people and everything to do about power.

    • CB says:

      No, as someone who has been to both the drive-through and gone through the appointment process at Bda College, both settings were professional and followed similar procedures. At the drive-throughs, you are even more separated as you stay in your car for the entire process, and you do stay for the 15 minute observation time period after the shot. All the same safety protocols are followed in both cases. And nurses and doctors and staff in both instances were helpful, pleasant, reassuring and knowledgeable.