Ascendant Group Becomes Liberty Group

June 1, 2021

Ascendant Group – the parent company of BELCO — will operate under the name Liberty Group Limited.

A spokesperson said, “Ascendant Group Limited [Ascendant], the parent company of Bermuda Electric Light Company Limited [BELCO] and AG Holdings Limited, will operate under the name Liberty Group Limited [Liberty] effective June 1st. BELCO and the AG Holdings subsidiaries – AIRCARE, iEPC and IFM – will retain their current names.

“Liberty is the regulated services group of Algonquin Power & Utilities Corp. [Algonquin], which purchased Ascendant in November, 2020. By changing the name of Ascendant to Liberty, the local company is becoming further aligned with its global parent company.

“Algonquin’s purpose is to better the lives of its customers and communities and to provide sustainable energy. In Bermuda, Ascendant/Liberty has embraced this purpose and prioritised its commitment to sustainability.”

President of the newly named Liberty, Wayne Caines, stated: “Bermuda is not immune to the effects of climate change; sustainability is crucial to our survival. As we join forces with our parent company in the fight against the world’s looming climate crisis, it is time for us to unite around one strong brand that represents our leadership in building a sustainable energy future.

“While we are immensely proud of what the company has achieved under the Ascendant banner, we are ready to adopt the Liberty name. We aspire to our purpose and will make it a reality here in Bermuda as Liberty.”

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  1. Hilarious says:

    Putting a heart

  2. Bermewjan says:

    Having read this, I just threw up a little in my mouth. Isn’t it just peachy lovely that they feel comfortable wasting time and money that Bermuda residents over pay for electricity on erudite name change activities. Why don’t they change the name to Bubbles or Rainbow or some other useless navel gazing activity?

  3. Really says:

    Liberty Liberty Liberty…….::::::::

    Like OBA renamed from UBP. Lipstick on a fake. PLP sold out their voters. Airport Canadian. Hospital Canadian. BELCO Canadian.

    All very logical. Caines allows Liberty workers in after hurricane to help versus our brother and sisters from Caribbean. (While he was labour minister). All coincidence of course.

    Position and plan well executed but for one flaw. The Achilles heel remains.

    • saud says:

      “Hospital Canadian”

      If you hate Canada so much, why did the PLP make a deal with them to build the hospital and then take $30 million/year out of Bermuda?

      Sounds like you’re as clueless as your bred’rin.