Ascendant Celebrates Women’s Day

March 6, 2020

Ascendant Group is celebrating International Women’s Day by participating in the Each for Equal campaign.

“Ascendant is the parent company of several industrial and service technology businesses, which include BELCO and the AG Holdings Limited companies: AIRCARE, IEPC, and iFM. Within the companies, women work in various sections and professions,” the company said.

Ascendant Intl Womens Day Bermuda March 6 2020

“It is so important for people, particularly young girls, to realise that women can work in any field,” stated AG Holdings Limited President & Chief Operating Officer, Judith Uddin.

“Across Ascendant, women are senior executives, lawyers, customer experience representatives, HVAC technicians, chefs, engineers, HR managers, salespeople, engineering technicians, accountants, analysts, and everything in between.

“We fully support the International Women’s Day theme of Each for Equal, which challenges stereotypes and celebrates women’s achievements.”

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