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June 1, 2021 | 1 Comment

Government is appealing to “unemployed Bermudians who are qualified and skilled in various Restricted and Closed Work Permit Job Categories to submit their resumes” to enable them to update the “unemployment database and assist persons in being re-employed.”

A Government spokesperson said, “The Ministry of Labour is collaborating with the Department of Workforce Development and the Department of Immigration to appeal to unemployed Bermudians who are qualified and skilled in various Restricted and Closed Work Permit Job Categories to submit their resumes to the Department of Workforce Development [DWD].

“This will enable DWD to update its unemployment database and assist persons in being re-employed. Please refer to the Moratorium on Work Permit Occupational Categories list.

“DWD has entered the second phase of its Re-employment and Re-integration Plan, in collaboration with other stakeholders, to execute the following:

  • “DWD will continue to provide training and job readiness services to unemployed Bermudians.
  • “DWD will register unemployed Bermudians, skilled in restricted and closed work permit categories
  • “DWD will engage with employers, recruitment agencies, and other industry partners to match Bermudians with employers who are hiring in those specified job categories

“We appeal to all unemployed Bermudians to register on the Bermuda Job Board and upload their most recent resume to allow the Department of Workforce Development to help connect potential employees with prospective employers.

“Submitted resumes will be cross-referenced against employer work permit renewals. Additionally, data from this initiative will be used to determine the composition of closed and restricted job categories beyond 31st July 2021.

“Notably, the economic crisis resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic has significantly contracted the Bermuda job market. Accordingly, the Ministry of Labour is advising the general public that through the Department of Immigration, permissions to seek employment for ‘partners’ will generally not be approved at this time. ‘Partners’ are persons in a relationship who are not legally married, nor are they in a legal domestic partnership or other legal arrangement.

“Therefore, the partner of a Bermudian, Permanent Resident Certificate holder, Non-Bermudian on a work permit, or other legal resident of Bermuda will generally be allowed to reside in Bermuda, but not to seek employment, until further advised by the Ministry of Labour.

“The actions outlined are consistent with the Government’s continued objective of protecting job opportunities for Bermudians.

“Unemployed Bermudians who require assistance registering on the Bermuda Job Board for restricted and closed job categories may contact the DWD at: 297-7714 or via email at: dwd@gov.bm.”

The Minister of Labour Jason Hayward said, “As Bermuda’s economy re-opens, the Ministry of Labour will continue to assist unemployed Bermudians to be re-deployed into occupations for which labour demand has traditionally existed, guided by the restricted and closed job categories.

“The collaboration between the Departments of Workforce Development and Immigration is essential to how the Government is doing things differently moving forward to the benefit of the people.”

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  1. Sarah says:

    Well this should clear things up. Who REALLY wants a job, and who likes their late mornings?

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