Bus And Ferry Interruptions Are Anticipated

June 14, 2021

“It is anticipated that the regular bus and ferry schedule will experience some interruptions” due to the current Work to Rule by the BIU, the Ministry said today.

A Government spokesperson said, “The Ministry of Transport would like to advise the public that as a result of the current Work to Rule by the Bermuda Industrial Union, it is anticipated that the regular bus and ferry schedule will experience some interruptions over the next week while this work to rule and overtime ban is ongoing.

“The Ministry of Transport will make every effort to keep the public informed. More information on changes to the published bus and ferry schedule can be found at: www.gov.bm Bus Alerts. www.MarineandPorts.bm. The Ministry apologizes for any inconvenience this industrial action may cause.”

The full video of the BIU President’s press conference last weel:

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  1. sandgrownan says:

    Yeah, so no change then. The bus service is already sh*t. Fire them all and privatise now.

  2. Eh? says:

    No pink route ferry this weekend past. Many locals/visitors stranded. Excuse given was no engineer available…. Is that the extra engineer that is pointless to have onboard as the captain has to be an engineer to be a captain? Wasting our money away.

  3. Dana says:

    Sheesh, so you cannot have more than one car per household…even if it is a very tiny electric car but…you also can NOT depend on the public transportation. Something needs to change.

  4. Dejavu says:

    Privatize all public transportation because the people deserve better than this

  5. trufth says:

    Will we even notice a difference?

  6. Joe Bloggs says:

    I suggest that the Government stop relying on (and paying for) overtime. Hire enough bus and ferry people so that overtime will not be needed except in an emergency.

  7. Who cares? says:

    Only hurting their “own” go for it!

  8. Southampton says:

    This union is going to ruin Bermuda. We trying to get more tourists to come here and now they want to work to rule.


  9. Warrior says:

    Are Chris and Premier in dog house? Is The AME minister going to be involved to resolve this nonsense? Members need to really listen to their leader and make their own decisions re “Working” to his rule. Many pple disadvantaged, prices go up..groceries for two kids lunches 1.5 bags..$125.00. Yuh, Chris doesn’t have financial problems, nor unemployment lurking at his door. Pay close attention Union Workers…