Clarien & Lindo’s ‘Shop And Earn’ Campaign

June 18, 2021

To mark the completion of Lindo’s banking migration to Clarien Bank, there will be a ‘Shop & Earn’ campaign at Lindo’s, with one lucky shopper using either a Clarien Mastercard debit card or a Clarien Visa credit card to win a $1,000 Lindo’s gift voucher.

A spokesperson said, “Clarien Bank Limited and Lindo’s Group of Companies have today announced completion of a successful banking migration to Clarien by Lindo’s.

Simon Van de Weg, Clarien’s Chief Banking Officer said: “We are very pleased to announce that Lindo’s Group of Companies has chosen Clarien to be their business banking partner and recently concluded seamless migration of banking and card payment processing to Clarien.”

“Clarien has long admired the Lindo’s Group for its dedication to providing quality customer service, progressive approach to business and commitment to supporting the community. These are values our organisations have in common.”

A Lindo’s spokesperson said the family owned grocery store with over 50 years of trading history had not changed banks since its inception.

“Clarien was genuinely interested in our business requirements and how banking efficiency and cost affects Lindo’s ability to manage operations and deliver value to our customers. Now more than ever these things matter for businesses,” the Lindo’s spokesman explained.

“Once the decision was made, Clarien partnered with us to ensure the migration was a success. Moving forward, we anticipate a successful and innovative business relationship with Clarien.”

“To mark the completion of the banking migration, between today [June 18]- June 30, Clarien will be running a ‘Shop & Earn’ campaign at Lindo’s, a special promotion providing Clarien Visa credit cardholders the chance to earn double the rewards points when they shop at Lindo’s grocery store locations in Warwick and Devonshire.

“Additionally, one lucky shopper using either a Clarien Mastercard debit card or a Clarien Visa credit card will also be selected from all participants in a draw to win a $1,000 Lindo’s gift voucher.

“Lindo’s continues to make available to all customers its 5 per cent discount shopping days on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays until September 30.

“Lindo’s is currently operating under modified shopping hours of 8am until 7pm, Mondays through Saturdays. These times will remain in place until the end of December 2021. Customers are also reminded that they must wear masks and practice social distancing when shopping at Lindo’s.

“For more information on the ‘Shop and Earn’ Campaign, visit or To sign up for Clarien Visa Rewards, now available with Apple Pay, contact our Client Service Center on 296-6969.”

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  1. Triangle Drifter says:

    Nice to see one Bermuda chain starting to dabble in US style rewards programs.

    Yeah, it is all a scam but you feel better getting something back at the register. There are all kinds of incentives to get you to put more in the cart.

    Store card holders get discounts off the shelf on items, discounts across the whole bill, discounts off gas at affiliated station.

    It is all a game. Nice to see Lindos beginning to get into it.