Most Local Restrictions To End On Sunday

June 15, 2021 | 12 Comments

Most local Covid-19 restrictions will end at 5.00am on Sunday [June 20], with only rules regarding mask wearing in indoor public places and restrictions on large groups to remain in place.

Speaking at this evening’s press conference, Premier David Burt said, “All local restrictions, with the exception of two rules regarding mask wearing in indoor public places and restrictions on large groups, will come to an end on Sunday, June 20 at 5.00am.”

“In short, you can sit more than ten to a table in a restaurant, you can stay out past midnight, and there will not be any restrictions on activities on land and on the water. And, in most circumstances, you will not require a mask outdoors any more.

“It is important for everyone to note that we are not claiming an end to the pandemic. The Government is able to confidently end restrictions due our success in reducing local transmission, increasing vaccinations, and by implementing strict controls at our borders to protect our island from dangerous variants. We can open up our island because we will protect our borders.”

Minister of Health Kim Wilson said, “I am pleased to announce that we can now end most public health restrictions due to our significant progress in controlling the virus as reflected in our updated country status.

“However, the following restrictions will remain: a maximum of 100 people for large group gatherings and the wearing masks indoors [particularly when not eating or drinking].

“Regarding face masks, by now all of us know a face mask is a key preventive measure when it comes to the slowing spread of the coronavirus. We also know that we have not yet conquered this global pandemic. So, mask wearing indoors – the setting most likely to result in transmission – will continue for some time to come.

“What does this mean for gyms, for example? Gym owners will no longer need to space their equipment. However, when not working out, staff and patrons must wear a mask. To be blunt: we don’t know who is and who isn’t vaccinated, and now is not the time to end our vigilance completely. We have come too far and worked too hard for the success we’ve achieved. The entire Bermuda community deserves relaxations but within this reasonable limit: wear a mask indoors.”

The Minister also confirmed that as far as incoming travelers, “As of June 20 2021, all non-immunised persons travelling to Bermuda are subject to mandatory quarantine. Mandatory quarantine means those hotel and guest house properties that have been designated as such by the Bermuda Government.”

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You can find more information on the links below and also on our dedicated website, which is the most comprehensive resource and historic record available of Bermuda’s handling of the pandemic.

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  1. wahoo says:

    Cool! Now let’s start restricting this runaway government.

  2. Please someone help me understand how this Government can deny any Bermudian Passport Holder from entering this Country after the Quarantine restrictions go into place for Non-Immunize persons.

    That is Totally against the law and our Constitutional Rights and International Laws. If a Bermudian passenger refuses to upload a pre-arrival form to enter back into Bermuda, The Airline Industry and The Government of any Country can not deny you Boarding your flight, if you hold a Bermudian/British Passport and A Negative Covid19 Result test.

    Then also how can the Hotel Association demand that all unvaccinated Employees get Tested for Covid19 every single week, This is Discrimination and also against your Constitutional Rights, The Health Minister has said more than enough times, no Employee is Obligated to Disclose to their Employer if they are vaccinated or not, so where the hell do they get off demanding all unvaccinated Employees, if anything all employees, Vaccinated and unvaccinated would need to be tested weekly to make it fair across the board.

    This Government seems to be making these restrictions up as they go along and the private sector is also creating a serious Division.

    • Andrew says:

      Everyone had a choice. Take the vax or not. That choice has repercussions like any other choice one makes. Those that had no choice, medical reasons or left the island prior to mandatory quarantine being announced for example will have different rules applied.

    • sandgrownan says:

      Apart from the appalling grammar and cadence of your question, the Government isn’t denying entry to Bermudian Passport holders.

  3. Ringmaster says:

    God news, but maybe also forced on the Premier by the Min of Finance saying the borrowings are almost finished and he can’t borrow any more. The economy has to be opened up. Income, not just more tax, is desperately needed as is slashing Government expense.

  4. Sy says:

    Yes it’s very contradictory. They are keeping this shamdemic plandemic alive unnecessarily, they are waiting for the next wave to come that will not exist. Patriots are on the move to do very serious global cleaning. I understand the next plandemic shamdemic is global climate change, so people will be instructed to keep the mask on because of this shamdemic plandemic program

    Government had also admitted that masks are a restriction, so be prepared to muzzle up again. The desperate narrative is falling apart and can’t get back up. When that happens what will the government do?

    Biden, BirX, Fauci, Gates and many others time are now up, they only have one hat trick left that will sink them down to hell. They should take into account Fauci emails, they tell the truth and unedited.

  5. Sheryl says:

    Hi, I’m traveling with family to Bermuda on July 2nd. We have 2 children ages 11 and 16 traveling with who have not been immunized. The 16 yo has had covid over the winter. Am I understanding correctly as the new requirements state that children under 18 not immunized just need to test negative at arrival and have pcr covid test 5 days prior to arrival?

    • sandgrownan says:

      I would think your best option is to email the government and ask them. An online news comments section isn’t the best place to get considered advice.

    • Taaj says:

      From what I understand they’ll need to quarantine via hotel for 14 days or get the vaccine with 2 week wait period

  6. Red Pill says:

    First of all Kim Wilson you cannot control a virus that is constantly changing you. What you are doing is controlling the people. Secondly it was stupid to be wearing a mask outdoors let alone wearing one period.

  7. Ringmaster says:

    Time to stop requiring the hand sanitizer foolishness before entering a store etc. Does anyone read the label on the dispenser? Kills germs. Covid is a virus not a germ, and some of the “sanitizers” are a disgusting gel.

  8. Fisherman says:

    Are buses back to full capacity or 12 and 17 passengers only?

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