Opposition Leader On National Heroes Day

June 17, 2021

[National Heroes Day message from Opposition Leader Cole Simons]

On the eve of the 2021 National Heroes Day celebration, it is not a difficult task to identify and celebrate Bermuda’s heroes. As we all made our way through the past twelve months of the coronavirus, there have been countless examples of Bermuda’s heroes who should all be thanked, applauded, and congratulated.

Certainly, there are the front-line workers, who without a second-thought, have literally put their lives on the line to tend to the victims of the pandemic. We offer you our heartfelt thanks.

To the retail and hospitality workers who ensured that we were able to still purchase items with the greatest of attention to the required protocols – we thank you.

To the farmers who continued to grow their crops to help feed the island – we applaud you!

Those Bermuda Regiment and police-officers, who were on the roads to make sure we adhered to the law –we thank you.

To the delivery drivers, who through all kinds of weather and circumstances, delivered our purchases to our door-steps- thank you.

I cannot forget to mention the parents who had to became teachers to their children, who not only had to work from home for their own jobs, but also had to ensure their children did not miss a beat – we applaud you.

To the teachers who conducted their classes online, keeping track of all their students and assignments – You are too heroes- thank you.

To the children who were challenged to learn in new ways, while not having the interaction of their peers or teachers-we offer our congratulations.

Indeed, we offer our thanks, and we honour the entire Bermuda community, as you adhered to the pandemic protocols for well over a year and continue to do so. You have all been instrumental in making sure that Bermuda remains safe, and a place we can be proud to call home. On this 2021 National Heroes Day, we offer you all our most sincere thanks!

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