Larrita Adderley’s ‘The Stain’ Now Available

June 17, 2021

Larrita Adderley Bermuda June 2021A book by author Larrita Adderley entitled The Stain is now available at Sacred, The Bermuda Bookstore on Queen Street, and Tiny Ts Shop on Court Street.

Ms Adderley said, “I graduated from IAP Career College. I was studying to become a life coach, business consultant and a daycare business owner. The book The Stain was inspired as I was trying to life coach someone to write a book of poetry.

“The person decided to get help from someone and somewhere else. So I decided to life coach myself and push myself to write a poem book. written in a night. Bermuda Press made this book happen and two people Inspired me to go for it: Dr. Althea Winifred and Ms. Violet at Bermuda Press.

“I am the author of two books: The Float: Trusting in God To Carry You and In Your Thrown Room: The Secret Place. You will find my books only on

The Stain is inspirational, uplifting, encouraging. Some of the poem speaks on how I made it over. My purpose for writing the book is to encourage someone not to give up. Hold on while I’m going through my own struggles om life.

“It has been a hard year for me, from laid off and being kicked out of my apartment. I still try to stay positive through not having a fixed abode. Jesus is my rock and my fortress. He is my shelter through the storm. I wrote this book not knowing how important It will be for me to read this book because it is pulling me through.

“I’m thankful for what I do have. That’s a job, shelter, transportation and most of all, Jesus. He has been my sound mind through it all. So this book is sold at Sacred, The Bermuda Bookstore on Queen Street and Tiny Ts Shop on Court Street.”

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