Photos: Seven Honoured On 40th Anniversary

June 24, 2021

[Updated with video] As part of the 40th anniversary of the launch of the Anti-Apartheid Movement in Bermuda, seven of the “emerging generation who are exemplars of ‘Thinking Globally and Acting Locally” were honoured today including Eugene Dean, Christopher Famous, Sumaya Lambe, Dwayne Robinson, Rosalind Wingate, Dr Carika Weldon, and Kristin White.

A spokesperson said, “June 26, 2021, marks the 40th Anniversary of the Launch of the Anti-Apartheid Movement in Bermuda; with the theme ‘Think Globally, Act Locally’. In June 1981, it was discovered that the Bank of Bermuda had been ‘flagged’ by the United Nations as one of the global banks involved in South African loans.

“This sparked concern amongst Bermudians aware of the inhumane nature of the Apartheid Regime. A solidarity picket of the Bank was staged on June 26, 1981 – South Africa Freedom Day. Those 20-odd participants, with poise, deflected any push-back to this peaceful demonstration of solidarity.

“From that start, the movement, collaborated globally for a democratic South Africa, growing over the 1980’s. Under the Honourary Chairmanship of Canon Thomas Nisbett, the Anti-Apartheid Coalition emerged; including unions and representatives of other organizations. This breakthrough in community collaboration peaked with a march of 3,000 in celebration of Mandela’s release in February 1990.

“In drawing from that legacy, today we honour seven of the emerging generation who are exemplars of ‘Thinking Globally and Acting Locally’. They include the following – listed alphabetically:

“Eugene Dean: Community activist who began his focus in the West End, but spread his reach across the Island. He has a penchant for promoting local musicians. He also has a passion for the environment and currently serves as the Chairman of Greenrock. Gene was a candidate for the Free Democratic Movement in the last General Election.

“T. Christopher Famous J.P. M.P.: Member of Parliament – Progressive Labour Party – who exemplifies balancing that role with community activism. Known as much for championing neighbourhood clean-ups as he is for engaging passionately in debates regarding social justice matters. Demonstrates – ‘Thinking Globally’ – by his openness for ‘working with the other side of the aisle’ as shown in the weekly radio program he jointly hosts with Dwayne Robinson.

“Sumaya Lambe: She is the youngest member of the General Council of Citizens Uprooting Racism in Bermuda [CURB], serving as the Secretary of that body. Sumaya volunteers as a facilitator for CURB’s Truth and Reconciliation community project. She was past Chairperson of the BPSU’s ‘Future Leaders Committee’ and is currently involved in the Ashay University program, focused on history. Sumaya is able to share her passion for social justice and personal growth in her professional career in the Island’s corporate sector.

“Dwayne Robinson: Like is ‘partner from across the aisle’ he is open to ‘Think Globally’, as he represented the One Bermuda Alliance in the last General Election. He and MP Famous, co-host a radio program that demonstrates that people from either ‘side’ can work together towards a common good. He has worked at a grassroots level in promoting local entertainers and has volunteered in the past, in the Raleigh International developmental program for young people.

Rosalind Wingate: An educator who shares the passion of her father – the local icon, David Wingate – for the protection and preservation of the Environment, both locally and globally. Has worked over the years at Aquarium youth programs and at Warwick Academy. She also volunteered for a number of years with the Audubon Society summer youth camps at Nonsuch Island. Over the last couple of years, while working with the environmental movement generally, Rosalind has provided mentorship for a group of high school students who have joined the global movement that was inspired by Greta Thunberg.

“Dr Carika Weldon: A researcher and educator, she has served calmly in the eye of the storm of the Pandemic. Before COVID [BC] she had a career in cutting edge research in the UK, but insisted on always offering to ‘act locally’ in her Island home. This included work with the Bermuda Principles Foundation which has been developing an Island hub; an annual conference for global researchers over the past five years. In all that she does, she includes a component that reaches out, to provide educational opportunities for local school children across Bermuda.

“Kristin White: A community activist who is also has a passion for entrepreneurship and writing. At one time she was the coordinator of the Raleigh International program which facilitates the development of late-teens. She is one of the co-founding members of Social Justice Bermuda, a grassroots organization that gained much momentum post the Global Impact of the George Floyd Murder. In this regard, the outcomes are not credited to any individual, but one can be aware to the fruit of a deep-dive in collaboration to achieve Thinking Globally, Acting Locally’.

“Of course, one can think of a number of others in our community who fit this bill. In that regard, a Working Group has been established; including Alex Scott as Honourary Chair and including Arlene Brock, Glenn Fubler, Janet Kemp, Kim Jackson and Craig Simmons; with the view of honouring people who, ‘Think Globally, Act Locally’ on an annual basis.”

Chris Famous and Rosalind Wingate were travelling overseas today, and Dr Carika Weldon was unable to make today’s presentation due to her schedule.

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