Video: St. George’s CC President Neil Paynter

June 27, 2021

A Safekey will be required to enter, as it stands now the maximum attendees they can have under the regulations is 4,000 per day, and they are aiming to put on a “stellar event” so that people can “enjoy the festivities,” St George’s Cricket Club President Neil Paynter said.

Mr Paynter was speaking earlier this week after Somerset Cricket Club confirmed that they will participate in the 2021 Cup Match Classic, meaning the always popular event is set to take place this year, after being cancelled last year due to the pandemic.

When asked earlier this week about Somerset Cricket Club agreeing to play in Cup Match, Mr Paynter told Bernews he was “excited and also kind of saddened that we had to go through this ordeal. So, at the end of the day, we were excited that they actually accepted the challenge.”

When asked about the Club’s preparation, Mr Paynter said, “Very busy. We lost a whole week of preparation time so now we have to sit down again, look at what we can and cannot do, so that we can put on a stellar event. So yes, we’re under immense pressure, but we feel that we can pull it off.

When asked about the selection process, Mr Paynter said, “That’s up to the selectors. I can tell you the administrators, the executive, and management do not get involved in that process. That’s up to the coach and the selectors. So they will put the boys through their paces and look to pick the best team that can support St George’s.”

“We’re looking to have as many as possible. Obviously, the league just starts this weekend, so once that gets going, we’re looking to have as many trials as possible. We’d want to have at least three trials before a Cup Match.”

When asked about the attendance at Cup Match, he said, “As it stands now, the maximum we can have under the regulations is 4,000, but we are hoping as we move closer to the Cup Match, as the island opens up and things get better, that we can have more than 4,000. And that’s per day.”

When asked about what kind of atmosphere will be in this year’s Cup Match, Mr Paynter said, “Well, we’re hoping for an exciting and a fulfilled, fun atmosphere. The cricket is going to be played ,but our main focus is that people can come down, enjoy the festivities, see their friends that they haven’t seen for over a year, some maybe longer, and just have a great time.”

Mr Paynter also confirmed that as it stands now a Safekey –  which requires someone to have two vaccinations or a negative Covid test within the last 72 hours — will be needed to enter.


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  1. Bermuda We Need To Boycott Cup Match, We are Not Dealing with No Safe Key. Send a Clear message to this Government that you are no longer going to imprison us in our own country, because the next thing they will do is push for a vaccine passport to enter any local establishment.

    We are Boycotting Cup Match 2021

  2. Birdlegs says:

    Safe Keys expired June 15, will we get an updated one from Govt?

  3. Red Pill says:

    Boycott cup match with its draconian rules.