Video: Gibbons Apologises For Cricket Incident

August 13, 2013

[Updated with video] Treadwell Gibbons has apologised to everyone for his recent behaviour at Cup Match, and said it will not happen again.

The apology was delivered at a press conference this morning [Aug 13], during which the cricketer was joined by Pastor Joseph Whalen and representatives from the Cleveland County Cricket Club.

Treadwell Gibbons  Bermuda, August 13 2013-1

During the recent Cup Match Classic Gibbons was ruled out by an umpire and initially refused to leave the field, at one point waving the cricket bat around and being restrained by another player.

He was initially named as part of the training squad for the Dubai tour in November 2013, but was suspended in light of his actions over Cup Match.

Mr Gibbons said, “First of all I want to apologise to my family, to the Governor, the Premier, St. Georges fans, Somerset Fans, and the to the people of Bermuda. My actions on the second day of Cup Match were wrong. I got caught up in the heat of the moment. I am very apologetic for what I did.

“It will not happen again. I am taking steps to work on self-discipline to prevent any such behavior from reoccurring. It was never an intention of mine to hurt anyone or hit anyone. It may have looked like that, but I never had any intentions of hitting anybody. At Cup Match I really, really wanted the best. I had goals that I wanted to accomplish and I am deeply sorrowed that I did not achieve them.

“I have been playing cricket all my life, for over twenty years, ever since I was five years old. The person who inspired me was my Daddy – he took me to games, and played cricket with me. The game is in me, in my blood. I love to play. I love to represent the Cleveland. I love to represent Bermuda.

“I wish to have the opportunity to represent Bermuda again, and to play Cup Match again. I accept my punishment and I pray that I will have a future in cricket,” concluded Mr Gibbons.

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  1. Double Standards says:

    One has to commend Mr. Gibbons for his actions today…

    I have seen some really ignorant actions take place in the BDA cricket league, but none had the conscience to issue a public apology…

    Well done to Mr. Gibbons and lets hope that he is sincere as he is a talented cricketer…

    • swing voter says:

      Cup Match demands better behavior…you can’t compare the cricket league shenanigans to what equates to a national test match involving our elite cricketers

      • cricket lover says:

        So why allow the national team captain to play?

    • margeI says:

      this man has a history of anger ….. Everest read out all of his past today, I say ban him for ever to represent bermuda.


    He doesn’t look sincere. He needs to be sincere about this apology. This is not a way to apologize.

    • JETS says:


    • cricket lover says:

      What would you have him do? He could have easily written a letter and sent that in to the media but he stood there open to all ur judgements (as if he hadn’t endured enough already!!) As a man whose made mistakes,owning them, and apologized for his actions.

    • Joker please dont be so quick to say this was not an apology, there is one gentleman a few years ago that acted worst then this and he no longer plays in cup match, but I never saw this man come to the public and apologize.

      So let us accept Mr. Gibbons apology and pray for the best for him going forward, not just for his cricket abilities but also his opportunity to become a great role model for youth going forward.

      May the youth of Bermuda see that you can mess up but that their are those who can and will stand by you to assist you in becoming what God has ordained for you to be in your divine destiny.

      So @ Logical thinker, it don’t always pay to think your logical intellect is correct, sometimes those that are trying to be logical and practical, is more ridiculous then some of us that seem as if we have no common sense.

  3. North West says:

    That’s a start! Well done Cleveland! But I think most people would have expected this conference to be led by Neil Paynter and the St. Georges reps. Good for you for stepping up to the plate and supporting your player.

  4. Lauren Bell says:

    The definition of a REAL man – recognizing & admitting mistakes and weaknesses, apologizing for failings & working towards improvement. Gibbons has embraced all of these – well done. Looking forward to seeing him on the field soon – he has much to offer cricket, to others & to our community.

    • Next says:

      A real man doesn’t behave that way in the first place. That’s what little boys do when they lose in sports, throw a tantrum and want to fight.

    • Edumacation? says:

      he just attempted to read something he probably didn’t even write himself, let a lone the lack of sincerity.

  5. JETS says:

    Apologies accepted. We all do stuff at times that is an embarrassment and we all want to be forgiven, though some of us are not humble enough to apologize – you did and that speaks volumes. FORGIVEN!!!

  6. peer says:

    go long tready!

  7. Justin T says:

    Well said young man.

  8. Hubba Bubba says:

    Believe me people, that apology was very sincere if you really know this young man!I commend him for standing up like a man and owning up for his mistake! There have been worst incidents that has occurred during cupmatch that has been overlooked!What about the spitting incident involving Stephen Outerbridge and George OBrien?While I don’t condone what this young man did,he deserves another chance! All the best Treadwell and don’t forget all eyes are on YOU!!! Keep your head up

  9. Somebody's Momma says:

    Nice to see that he is surrounded by some strong male role models.

  10. Kewanna says:

    You have earned my respect as a sportsman. This is a step towards recognizing your potential. Despite any negative comments made in your attempts to make amends, recognize that this is a start to your own personal growth and development. Well done!

  11. Nuffin but da Truth says:

    time will tell

  12. Why did it take ten days for his PR people to convince him to offer an apology

    • cricket lover says:

      Can’t ever pls everybody!! I commend you for doing this for yourself, family, club and fans! Like someone else stated there have been worse actions happen during cup match, & one of those players are now the captain of the national team and his incident was only 2 short years ago. How fast we forget….

  13. Sheldon Says says:

    Apples and trees. You have apologized young man. Now let your fruit speak louder than your words. All the best to you.

  14. cccc says:

    He does not look sincere ? what does a sincere person look like ? i know that young man n he is a very passionate sportsman. yes he got caught up in the heat of the moment n let his emotions get the best of him on the day but as far as im concerned this is not the worst incident i have seen at cupmatch in recent years. in case every 1 forgot the current national squad skipper spat on another player n that ultimately led to a physical confrontation yet he was giving a 2nd chance so y not Mr. Gibbons ?

  15. Well said says:

    Well said Tready. Apology accepted. As a sportsman myself I understand “passion” and sometimes when playing, the “passion” gets the best of us and we make rash decisions. I whole heartedly accept your apology as a St. Georges fan. It takes a real man to do what you have done today. I also felt the hurt and emotion in your speech. You will be a better person going forward. Remember it’s the “Passion that unites us!!!” Keep your head up.

  16. team tready says:

    Keep ya head up kid. You know you going have the odd negative fool with nothing better to do then find flaws in others. you know what u did n what u need to do. Look forward to seeing u at future classics n representing bermy. To much talent for them to hold u back. teammates for life

  17. blindbutcansee says:

    He wants to play on the national squad. Dat all

  18. At least he swallowed his “pride” and apologized to Bermuda. Well done Treadwell, but i still think he should get his ban and make sure this is a learning lesson! After all cricket is a gentlemen’s sport!

  19. Common Sense says:

    How many young men make silly and sometimes stupid mistakes in their lives? I would venture to say that most of us have done something in our youth that we are or were ashamed of. Yes, Treadwell Gibbons made a really stupid mistake at Cup Match, but he’s had time to reflect on what he did and I suspect that no-one, absolutely none of his friends or family, condoned what he did.

    Good on him for stepping up to the plate and apologizing. Hopefully, he has learned a very valuable lesson and will show much more maturity in future Cup Match games.

    Good luck in your cricketing career Treadwell.

    • swing voter says:

      Cup Match deserves better. Youth Cricket is where you make silly and stupid mistakes. There is absolutely no place is Cup Match for what I saw.

  20. Black Male says:

    Whether Treadwell in sincere in his apology or not is a matter for Treadwell. What I see as more important is the fact that he realized the need to publically apologize and that fact the there were other MEN there to give him support. Well done, Treadwell. Well done, his Cleveland County Family. We can all learn from this unfortunate incident and your responses.

  21. Eyes wide open says:

    That’s what I’m talking about. It takes a real man to own up to and apologize for his mistakes.

    • swing voter says:

      Good to apologize but it makes you wonder how he got so out of control. Cup Match is an event that requires everyone to be on their best behavior. How he could let his ‘emotions’ bring out his worst behavior for almost 5 full minutes is beyond my understanding. Should we risk an international embarrassment by not holding him accountable? Shouldn’t the BCBC send a strong message at the same time that we the (BDA taxpayers who financially back them) will not tolerate nor support anyone displaying this mindset? Sorry Mr. Gibbons, but your services are no longer needed

      • Tupac says:

        So what do we do with our current captian who once actually spit on a player? Is his servives still required? Oh I forgot he didn’t apologize so he actually ment it which means his keeping it real for Somersat! Swing voter is really a Swing joker

        • cricket lover says:

          What Tupac said!!!

        • swing voter says:

          like I said earlier, cup match is the one event which is above reproach…including spitting

      • Stumped says:

        That might be the case for you swing voter but the ultimate goal of the people with him is to see him continue a path where he becomes a valuable member of society cricket is just part of the process.

        • swing voter says:

          He has a track record of behavior that has become the norm to some of us. On a bigger scale, this kind of behavior is ruining our island in general, not just in sports.

          • Tupac says:

            You mean like when our Premier walks out of press conferences and refuses to answer questions? You mean that kind of behavior?

      • Hubba Bubba says:

        You are actually wrong its the icc that financially back the national cricket team!!

    • Edumacation? says:

      because a real man throws a fit in a gentleman’s sport like cricket. ha.

  22. gatsby says:

    He shouldn’t be allowed to play Cup Match ever again. There are consequences to our actions. Let us not forget that…

    • Tupac says:

      Sounds like you rep Somersat and the spitting squad? Smdh maybe you shouldn’t comment again for making such a stupid statement. This young man is trying to right his wrong and of course someone like you continues down the road of negativity. So sweet of you….

      • gatsby says:

        This isn’t kindergarden. You do some dumb s*** and you face the music. He’s obviously got something wrong as his actions are far from normal behaviour. Fine he appologized. He’s such a good guy. Yet he carried on like a lunatic and embarrased not only St. Georges but all of Bermuda with his actions in front of tourists, etc. You live and you learn but saying sorry doesn’t erase the fact that he can’t act like a normal member of society. Ban him.

      • Who knows it feels it says:

        Positive…right your wrongs and be a better person for it! Well done youngster!

  23. WhistleBlower says:

    Well Done Mr. Gibbons!!Though I was appalled by your behavior on the said date I respect you for taking a STAND and ADMITTING your WRONG. If you are READING these COMMENTS HOLD on to this: THOSE WHO JUDGE DO NOT MATTER AND THOSE WHO MATTER DO NOT JUDGE!!!

    Who am I to JUDGE your SINCERITY? WHO am I to JUDGE why you am taking the GENTLEMANS approach DAYS later??

    The fact you have PUBLICLY ADMITTED YOUR WRONG is enough for me!!

    GO on with your desire to play this sport and do it WITHOUT the JUDGEMENTS of those who REFUSE to ACCEPT your APOLOGY!!!!

  24. team tready says:

    Ya well if that is the case Steven outerbridge should never have been made captain of bermuda n his cupmatch career should have long been over. Bcb has already shown in previous issues that it takes a very biased approach toward certain clubs n players. how long was Steven suspended for either domestically or internationally ? So swing voter i wanna see u calling for Stevens head in the same manner. ;)

    • North West says:

      This year was Stephan Outerbridge’s last year. If Somerset had the balls they would’ve dropped him long ago. He has not made any runs in Cup Match for years.

  25. team tready says:

    Or how about u gatsby u was calling for Steven to be out too ?

    • swing voter says:

      If BCBC ignore any bad behavior, then they should be replaced

  26. Real Talk (original) says:

    Nuff respect to Mr Gibbons for offering up an apology. Takes a big person to admit when they’re wrong. Hopefully he can go on to represent Bermuda nationally after serving a ban…

  27. Youonlyliveonce says:

    Tready!!!! You deserve credit for apologizing…I know it was a fraustrating moment on the day of the incident however today is a new day and it didn’t take you two years and counting to apologize like Stephen (SCC player)..Well done and continue to remain true to yaself don’t worry about the critics out here. Team St. George’s!!!!!

  28. Ole says:

    I know the young man quite well and he has periodically struggled to control his emotions. The fact that he has publically apologised is an important first step and it shouldn’t be discounted.

    Far to often we have allowed our youth to act out without reasoned and appropriate action being taken. Far to often we have labelled the worse offenders as ‘not worth the effort’ required to improve such behaviour.

    In this case I am truly pleased to see the support and direction being provided by CCCC management. They and Mr Gibbons clearly recognize the importance of admitting / accepting that there is a problem and in turn taking the appropriate ( initial ) steps required to address it.

    • Concerned Citizen says:

      Agreed @ Ole. Treddy, you are a good player, and I commend you for your public apology. I also commend CCCC for showing real support for the young man. Now Treddy, this is not the first time, so just remember, that the key words in your apology is the need to develop SELF DISCIPLINE. It’s never to late, as many adults in this country don’t have any in their own right. Accept your punishment, and return to the game with a more mature outlook, and you will see success. And yes, Outerbridge and Obrien should have been punished for their actions. Too much favouritism in cricket in Bermuda. To all you critics, GO LAY DOWN……..and I’m a Somerset fan!

  29. 32n64w says:

    Did the umpire and game officials also receive an apology?

    • Ole says:

      While we are requesting individual apologies, please include the grounds men and the commentators and guys that run crown and anchor and folk watching on tv and the campers on the Causeway and boaters ( yes, all boaters deserve an apology )and the BFA..and Don Lemon and let’s see, oh yah, I nearly forgot, Jesse James.

      I apologize if I omitted anyone deserving of an apology..


  30. Sunshine says:

    Well done Mr.Gibbons for your apology. Its appreciated. Not to worry you are young and this can be a learning experience for you cause we all make mistakes and noone is perfect. With that said, Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.

    Mr. Gibbons Always remember to be swift to listen,slow to speak and slow to anger and Do not be quickly provoked in your spirit, for anger resides in the lap of fools.

    All the best with your cricket career.

  31. Micquita Minors says:

    I am proud of Tready for stepping up and apologizing. We all get caught up in the emotional side of things from time to time. He is taking responsibility for his actions and should be commended for that. There will always be negative people who will complain no matter what. Let him move on and hopefully his actions will speak louder than his words. I taught Tready way back when at West Pembroke. I loved him then, and still love him now.

  32. zena b says:

    Because you have to go through the disciplinary procedure first, HELLO that’s why it takes long.

  33. Cal Blankendal says:

    Mr. Treadwell Gibbons Jr, You have apologized for your actions and the future can be a very promising one for you both in cricket and football. Bermuda has a limited wealth of talent and as long as you channel your passion in the right direction, you will be an influential team member in both sports.

  34. Indepedent says:

    To all of you who are writing.I know this man very well, and to be honest, I was waiting for the other side of him to come out, and he did not let down (sounds bad, but I know him that well). This is not the first, nor will be the last we hear of him. I personally have always wanted Treddy to do well, so I am hoping for the best, but his history has be expecting the worse.

    • Ole says:

      Shhhhh!!! Just maybe the next and last will be positive.
      Independent – send me your life resume @ …. for he who judges!!!

  35. Harris Bay fan says:

    Good job Tready you step up and done the right thing. But that is only half the problem. What about the poor umpiring and some players being dishonest. It’s all was recorded on TV. Who is going to dig a little deeper to preserve the integrity of the sport so that we don’t have these ugly situations resurfacing so regular. Oops I forgot I shouldn’t mention those other things. That’s why these same problems reaccur so regular. Is it ok for the umpire to make a whole pile of mistakes? what can we do to assist the umpire to get it right? Is it ok for some players to be dishonest?

  36. mixitup says:

    Good for him for apologizing. I hope he uses this as a lesson for life, he will have many things in life NOT go his way, this is a lesson for many young folks. You can’t go around ranting and threatening ppl because you don’t get your way..

  37. Next says:

    Look at all these enablers! Then we wonder why a lot of young men are out of control in this country and their first reaction to anything is VIOLENCE! But just look at the rest of the teams on both sides. He isn’t the only one, or are we not supposed to talk about that?

  38. Second says:

    Very good first step and Mr Gibbons is to be commended. Now he must work on setting limits for himself and be prepared to take some form of punishment for his misbehavior. This just cannot be overlooked because he’s apologized.

  39. EDWIN says:

    Ok, he was a man and owned up to his mistakes, now take your punishment like a man. DUBAI IS DEFINITELY OUT. The previous suspensions were not enough to deter him from doing it again. I say suspend him from all cricket for at least a year and then put you on 2 years probation. I’m sure it will help some others to clean up their act I know a few.

  40. Tready Gibbons says:

    Thanks everybody for the support. Much appreciated.
    U can look forward to better things from me. And to the people who feel some type of way MUCH LOVE!!!!!

    • Family Man says:

      Colour me skeptical but I’ll watch what you do, not what you say.

  41. Hubba Bubba says:

    Say no more Treadie…..Let your bat do the talking!!!

  42. Really says:

    Good man next time put all that energy into your game well done!

  43. MiMi says:

    Tready I don’t know you but I appreciate you being a man doing the right thing, people are going to talk regardless and voice their opinion like they have never done anything out of character.

    Go for you all the best to you going forward.

    some of the comments above are beyond ridiculous and yes everyone is entitled to their own opinions but come on people NO ONE IS PERFECT he cannot change what happen but he can do something about now and the future.

    So give credit where it is due and move on.

  44. While I do accept & applaud his apology as well as the other attempts to sort out his behaviour I will make these comments.

    Why was he even selected especially when no apology was forthcoming prior to selection? Shame on you BCB decisions like that are why we see Bda Cricket going backwards.

    Why did it take Mr. Gibbons so long to apologize? Surely this should have happened a few days at most after Cup Match.

    If there had been no furor over his Cup Match incident & he had been allowed to join the touring team would this have happened?

    Moving on, now that he has apologized (congrats young man) but before being allowed to take part in Cup Match and join a national team either in Bermuda or overseas I believe that he should be made to prove that he has ‘changed’. An apology is not sufficient particularly in light of his poor disciplinary record.

    He should be made to sit out Cup match and national team selection until such time as he has proven that he is indeed on the reform trail. Failure to do that will more than likely lead to more problems and more suspensions down the road if he isn’t sincere and doesn’t follow through with measures to control his actions.

    On other players who have behaved badly and are still getting selected for League, County, Cup Match & National Team duty this is what happens when you look the other way and excuse bad behaviour … it goes on. what gives Clubs and the Cricket Board? Stop ‘looking the other way’ and deal with these issues when they happen. Even if it means losing your ‘star’ player(s). No One is bigger than the game and disciplinary procedures need to be applied evenly, failure to do so will see Bermuda Cricket continue it’s slide to oblivion.

    Good luck Mr. Gibbons, you are a talented cricketer and it would be a shame if these incidents continue to stop your progress.

  45. Prayerful says:

    How is it that it was only after being suspended by the BCB that he, or Cleveland County, decided to apologise.

    It was a Cup Match game where the infringement took place, not a Cleveland game. Therefore, it should be Cup Match officials that should be involved.

    I was still suspend him from the upcoming tournament and see if the apology still holds!

    • “That’s what I m saying”……I see the hold in the bucket but not sure in Pastor/Coach/or waterboy is covering it but it is all a crock. Stay tuned in……for further updates. Right?

  46. Prayerful says:

    By the way, Mr. Gibbons is not a child, he is a twenty-eight year-old man!.

    • I agree, he is NOT a child!and should be suspended from all Cup Match games till the cows come home…

  47. Babylon says:

    He should be banned for a lesser period,say 1 year.Good on you to apologise!

  48. So many reckonables. So many repeats of ungentlemanly conduct here n abroad topped off by throwing a trantrum during the Cup Match while our dignitaries n visiting tourist n residents alike observed this maniacal behaviour n vain threats on and off the field. It held up the play of the game n embarassed everyone whom saw his shenanigans n very bad conduct. This is TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE behaviour n I really don’t care who he has in his peresence while he is “reading” a supposed apology, an apology comes from the heart right out of the mouth. A written apology, transcribed by prehaps the whole three men standing with him during what was suppose to be an authentic apology does hold water in my opinion.
    The reading of any apology is a sign that this guy had to buck n weave, write n re-write until such time it sounded good to present to the public. His reading of his apology n never once looked at the camera indicates that we will n I say again that we will have further outburst when least expected. For ALL he has said n though it may sound all well n good n a “prehaps”, I m reminded that a leopard never changes his spots; and for the records that hangs over him both here and aboard, I really don’t see any change in his antics other then getting older.
    We have too many young cricketers that should be encouraged by example of good cricket with knowledge of conduct and utmost respect that we has seen over the years.
    To lose his temperment surrounded by thousands and act in a hostile manner, the one thing we are trying to eradicate from society; now it is showing up at one of the most noted holidays we enjoy each year.
    Spare the rod…..spoil the child?
    We buy into everything n at the end of the day, we see we brought into more then we intended n it is too late to turn it around.
    If his apologies are presented because of Dubai, then he needs to be notified that we cannot afford to send “loose cannons” overseas to represent Bermuda especially if they cannot control their actions.
    To Pastor Whalen; Allan Douglas n Grant Smith…..I salute u guys in encouraging this guy to come forward and offer an apology…BUT there is always that chance that we are dealing with a “wolf in sheep clothing”. Yes second chances are admissible BUT how many seconds chances are found? His record represents his behaviour over the course of many years and no change has come n I don’t think it will. For all he has said does he realise what he has said.
    Perhaps a ban of 3 years should be meted out n give him something to think about n switch up his program if he wants to represent this island.
    So far he has failed miserably and we need to stop playing on people’s emotions because of who someone else is in authority. This man should have appeared by himself to make this apology as the other three really had nothing to do with his ungentlemanly conduct. Even though they came out to support him but will their support change his lack of respect on the cricket pitch. Check his track record……it is pathetic n does not fit in as an ambassador for Bermuda’s cricket representation.
    The correct and rightful decision must be made in regards to his apologetic words and his poor display of a cricketer.
    Make the right choice. We don’t need to be rediscussing this behaviour because we fell prey by words which was never intended to be applied.
    Not impressed! Won’t select him! Should be ex-communicated from even playing cricket in the back yard.
    Somebody’s call……..!!!

  49. ignorant fools says:

    Cup match has nothing to do with the Bcb. n the squad was picked b4 cup match it was just released afterwards. n bermuda cricket fails because for years they have been to quick to throw certain players under the bus. n they still continue to do so.

  50. Youkiddingme says:

    It didn’t appear to be a sincere apology. But not having a base line to go by in may be difficult to tell.

  51. Whispers Run Rapid in Bermuda says:

    People get over it he messed up he know this he owned up to it now let us all move on. Makes me laugh how many people like to judge but hate to be judged.

    Self Righteous People!