Minister Attends Family Centre Presentation

August 27, 2021

The Minister of Social Development and Seniors Tinee Furbert recently had the opportunity to attend The Family Centre‘s Youth Leadership Academy’s Annual “Foundations Social Change Projects” Presentation.

Family Centre Bermuda August 2021 (1)

Minister Furbert said, “Thank you to the Family Centre Team for creating this avenue for our youth.

“I applaud the youth who organised and participated in this presentation. It is not an easy task to build the confidence to present in front of others. Still, you all thoroughly presented with enthusiasm and brilliance.

Minister Furbert added, “The presentation offered attendees the opportunity to hear our youth express their views on topics of importance and connect with them directly.

Family Centre Bermuda August 2021 (2)

“To the youth who participated, and those who may be passionate about becoming more involved, I encourage you to share your thought-provoking perspectives around the topics of social justice, labeling, poverty, and racism to the wider community to ensure your voices are heard.

Minister Furbert concluded, “It is important that as a country we continue to provide our youth with opportunities to share their perspectives. Their inclusion will empower them to feel valued, grow confidence, and continuously seek ways to contribute to Bermuda’s advancement.”

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