Family Centre Congratulates PLP On Win

July 21, 2017

Family Centre is congratulating the Progressive Labour Party on its recent election win, saying “it is heartening to see the emphasis in the PLP platform on strengthening our social fiber.”

Martha Dismont, Executive Director of Family Centre, said, “On behalf of Family Centre, I want to congratulate the Progressive Labour Party for its’ recent election win, and for the commitment to making the necessary preparations for the work up ahead.”

“As evidenced by the recent shooting, we are nowhere near the finish line of this work. A recent convening of agencies and young males, in dialogue, about their needs and their hope for themselves, brought us closer to bridging the gap that exist in our community.

“In some respects, however, it still feels as if we have just started the race, due to the continued lag in providing resources on these difficult issues, and inconsistent efforts. We have to speed up work that puts in place the solutions that will support our young men [and women].

“Whether it is a gang shooting, or a road fatality, or a domestic violence incident, our small community feels the impact of these situations on many levels. The difficulty of living in a small community where you know the victim’s family intimately is that friends, family and our community feel the effects.

“We cannot ease up until we have dealt effectively with the conditions causing these incidents. Some of those conditions, as we have learned, are financial stressors, unaddressed trauma, lack of education, lack of life skills, lack of 21st century job skills.

“It is heartening to see the emphasis in the PLP platform on strengthening our social fiber, but we also know that it is going to take a continuation of strong fiscal policies, balanced with taking care of our people. It is a very difficult task, and as many have already stated, and pledged, if we work together, much will be accomplished.

“This community is desperate for resolve to good ends, consistency, a focus on our youth and disenfranchised, and healing. My prayer is that we actually get on this path, and work together to stay there.”

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  1. Vortex says:

    Ok, this is pretty controversial.

    Now it doesn’t matter which team you support, we all want the FC to do well, it is a terrific organization that does wonderful things, and I have witnessed many of those at first hand.

    But this is sucking up, playing to the crowd. The fact is that the FC gets a huge amount of funding from International business seems lost here, Martha, the inference is that you will be better off under the PLP because they have a social hat on. That is plain ridiculous. It’s a political card when none is needed – why on earth did you think it necessary to congratulate the PLP?

    I’ll be honest, it has also upset me – I have put my hand in my pocket many times, and now I see how you play the game. Good luck with those union dues.

  2. mj says:

    Martha shhshshshshshshshsshhh

  3. Navin Johnson says:

    Mrs Dismont is an amazing person who does wonderful work ……I was a total supporter of the OBA but feel that Mr Burt deserves the chance to govern Bermuda….and hope that the PLP totally supports Martha..,,,

  4. JUNK YARD DOG says:

    Admittedly the O.B.A. did some great things to stand on the world stage, may be they forgot who pays the band.

    Do the O.B.A. need a catch phrase?

    Were the incentives to late to encourage employers to create jobs,being out of work is a horrible feeling, even at 65 to the minute.

    Was it not a good idea unless it was theirs?

    Was it their way or the highway ?

    You can not play a piano with only 7 fingers ? or dance with only one shoe.

    Are they so full of their own importance as to ignore those who put them in place to serve the people ?

    It takes a village.

  5. Rasta says:

    Congrats plp says the family Centre. Now can we have some money?

  6. Truth is killin' me... says:

    Errybody gonna be looking for a handout instead of a handup under this new government. Just remember you can give em but the money will have to come from somewhere…more taxes from locals already payin’ high bills for groceries and electricity!! Belco gonna want a handout to upgrade as well. Innit Famous!?