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November 2, 2010

Executive Director of The Family Centre, Martha Dismont, applauded Premier Paula Cox’s emphasis on youth and family with the dedication of a Ministry to ‘Youth Affairs and Families’.

Yesterday afternoon [Nov 1] Minister Glenn Blakeney was sworn in at Government House, returning to Cabinet. He previously held the Ministry of Environment & Sport, and has been appointed as Minister of Youth Affairs & Families, which sports falls under.


Mrs. Dismont states: “We had hoped for some time that a Cabinet Ministry would be devoted to a focus on youth and family. It is very clear to all of us working in this field that in order to reclaim our young people and to strengthen the family structure, we must begin by focusing in these areas. A Ministry dedicated specifically to youth and families is a great place to start.”

She continued: “We look forward to working with the Minister and those in the field working diligently on the issues affecting youth and families, to ensure that the emphasis placed in these areas will be reflective of the needs that have been identified in many published reports, including the most recent Social Service Analysis Report.”

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  1. JJ says:

    Unbelievable, is Mr. Blakeney REALLY the best example Bermuda has for our “Youth & Family services”….. ?

  2. S says:

    Why wouldnt he be ?? He has a lot of experience with troubled youth and knows the ins and outs about them… I think he is the perfect Minister for this section! You on the other hand should be minister of Negative Interpretations….

  3. Does anyone else see the irony in the Minister for Families having a son that was arrested for attempted murder?

    • Um just sayin says:

      His son is an adult and made his own choice. I’m sure the Minister did not approve or condone his son’s choice. Typical Bermuda mind, reap reap reap. Everybody has skeletons in their closets including you. The good thing is that Minister Blakeney is a good person with good intentions.

      • ok says:

        He may be an adult now, but you think this was a one off thing? He has been getting in trouble for years. Its funny now you dont think it starts with the family now. If it was some other kid you would be saying where are his parents and what are they doing but because its Mr. Blakeney’s son now its he’s an adult. The son is the way he is because of the years and years of denial from his parents that he was a bad person and therefore indirectly supporting his lifestyle

        • Um just sayin says:

          I do not know Mr. Blakeney’s son as well as you seem to know him. I judge the individual and in this case, the individual is Mr. Blakeney and what he will be bringing to the table. I agree that parents are responsible for instilling morals and values in their children at a young age in preparation for their adulthood and can only wish that these young children take what was taught with them through life however you often get ‘strays’ who go off the beaten path with or without the proper home training. If you are a parent you would know what I am talking about.

          I wish Minister Blakeney all the best and will support his efforts in trying to tackle this serious social problem we have in Bermuda

  4. For Real says:

    You have got to be kidding. . If he were a true example he would not have accepted such a position.