Possible Use Of Closed Primary School Buildings

August 16, 2021

Community center, mixed commercial use, sporting village for visiting teams, Government offices, storage facility, alternative care facility, shared commercial kitchen, and a senior care facility are some of the ‘Initial Future Use Concepts’ for the primary school buildings that are set to be closed between 2023 and 2027.

Last month the Government announced that they will move forward with Parish Primary Schools which “will see one primary school per parish with two primary schools in Pembroke for a total of 10 primary schools, eight less than the 18 primary schools we currently use.:

“There will be no closures of any primary schools this school year or next school year. These eventually discontinuing use of any schools will be phased in over a period of no less than five years, starting after the 2022/23 school year and more specifically between 2023 and 2027,” the Government said.

Primary Schools Decision Close open (1)

The Government released an 81-page report on the Primary School Decision, and one section details the possible future use of the buildings.

The report states, “The Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Public Works are collaborating on the future use of closed primary school buildings and sites. The anticipated process is that the Department of Public Lands and Buildings will research the demand from public services for new facilities. First consideration will be given to public services housed in the private sector as this can reduce the Government’s rental expenditure.

“Closed primary school sites present an opportunity to repurpose the buildings for facilities such as government offices, community centers, sporting facilities, or centres for senior care and health services, etc. There is also the option to land bank some properties as Bermuda is not creating any more land and this would preserve land for future generations.

“Closed primary school sites can also be used help the Government meet the demand for community partnerships with local organizations. Alternatively, properties can be put out to tender for commercial purposes which can help create economic investment and growth. A Request for Expressions of Interest [RFI] is a possible option to research the market for potential ideas.

“These options may all present an opportunity for the renovation or rebuilding of these closed sites over time. Every property will be subject to an analysis to find the highest and best use for the benefit of the taxpayer. The following are initial concept ideas that also reflect suggestions made during the consultation process

Chart extracted from the report:

Parish Parish School Decision Report Bermuda July 24 2021

The full Parish Parish School Decision Report follow below [PDF here]:

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  1. Joe Bloggs says:

    I would like to suggest using one of the to be abandoned schools as a business development facility. You know, to get back some of those high-paying jobs we drove away back in 2007-2008. Many of the people we drove away earned millions of dollars per year and had children in private school. They paid taxes and did not burden our public school system or other social services. They were good for Bermuda, even if the did highlight the disparity between the “haves” and the “have nots”.

  2. Darren says:

    Good day,my understanding was that Gilbert’s land was given to goverment by will that it only be used as a school?might want to check this out before spending money.goverments lately have a good track of not reading small print.if I’m wrong so be it.

  3. Friends , I have suggested to government to turn the Heron Bay School over to the Raising Men Lawn Care Service to run an alternative school for young men/women .The money that we are willing to spend to keep them in prison could be repurposed to re build their lives .At the end of the program , these young men /women will be able to start their own businesses or go off to college / university. So what is it that we are proposing that the present school system is not doing ,or is unable to do ? Raising men lawn Care Service is a International Charity, who is willing to set up their world headquarters in Bermuda .They have a proven record of changing young peoples lives around . They now want to put their format into an educational program to benefit the youth in Bermuda .Look them up and then answer this question for your self : DO YOU THINK THAT YOU CAN CHANGE THE WORLD WITH A LAWN MOWER ?

  4. Warrior says:

    St. David’s Primary School: Community Center/Commercial use…. what commercial use?!? Make it plain and very clear your response.

  5. Triangle Drifter says:

    Seems very obvious that with a current dire shortage of senior daycare & long term care facilities these needs should be taken care of first.

    The question is will this happen in a timely fashion? This government is notorious for talk & very little action. By the time that they actually start to convert these buildings the baby boom generation will be dead & gone.

  6. Guy Carri says:

    Pie in the sky.
    Look at the derelict gov buildings island-wide. They don’t know how to maintain what they have and you want to add to the list? LOL
    You think they’ll do something useful with closed schools?