2021 World Triathlon Cancelled Due To Covid

September 18, 2021

The 2021 World Triathlon Sprint & Relay Championship – which Bermuda was scheduled to host next month — will not take place this year, officials have just confirmed.

The event, which Bermuda’s Olympic gold medalist Flora Duffy was scheduled to compete in, will not take place, with organisers citing an analysis that “considered the island’s recent spike in Covid-19 infections in addition to the Bermuda Hospital’s elevated Covid-19 patient intake.”

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A spokesperson said, “After extensive discussions with Bermuda’s health and government authorities, the Bermuda Local Organising Committee and World Triathlon have made the difficult decision that the 2021 World Triathlon Sprint & Relay Championship will not take place this year.

“Bermuda was ready to welcome hundreds of participants from all over the world from October 15 to 17. However, changing conditions on the ground demanded that the programme’s safety plan be reviewed. Using a tool provided by the World Health Organisation [WHO], the Organising Committee and the World Triathlon conducted a risk assessment on the event.

“The analysis considered the island’s recent spike in Covid-19 infections in addition to the Bermuda Hospital’s elevated Covid-19 patient intake, and the Organising Committee in consultation with World Triathlon made the decision not to proceed with the October event. The health and safety of all athletes, coaches, staff, contractors, volunteers, and the people of the island was the primary consideration.

“The whole World Triathlon family is disheartened that the global pandemic continues to impact our events, but we are committed to returning to Bermuda. We are confident in the island’s rigorous pandemic management and reputation of delivering safe, outstanding sporting events. Conversations are taking place presently to identify other exciting future opportunities, including a triathlon on the island of Bermuda.”

Hazel Clark, Chairman of the World Triathlon Series Bermuda [WTS Bermuda] said, “We are disappointed that Bermuda will not be able to stage the Championship in 2021 yet appreciate that safety for Bermuda’s residents and visitors will always be the priority.

“The Bermuda Tourism Authority, our local organising committee, and sponsors have invested significant resources in preparation for this pinnacle endurance event, and their efforts are gratefully acknowledged. We look forward to repurposing the resources and building on the groundwork that has been laid for a future event that will benefit all of Bermuda.”-

The text below is from the event website, describing the plans for the now cancelled event:

Bermuda will host the 2021 World Triathlon Sprint & Relay Championships next October 15–17.

The three-day, multiple-championships programme, to be staged in the City of Hamilton, will include a brand new event—Super-sprint racing for the Elite World Championship Series—along with the Junior [U19] World Championships, Age-Group Sprint World Championships, Mixed Relay World Championships for all categories, as well as an Open division for non-qualifiers.

The full programme comprises:

  • Elite World Championship Series event on Super-sprint (qualifiers, repechage, finals)
  • Junior (U19) World Championships on Sprint distance
  • Age-Group World Championships on Sprint distance
  • Elite Mixed Relay World Championships
  • Junior/U23 Mixed Relay World Championships
  • Age-Group Mixed Relay World Championships
  • Open Race (registrants in cancelled 2020 event to receive priority)

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You can find more information on the links below from our dedicated website BermudaCovid.com, which is the most comprehensive resource and historic record available of Bermuda’s handling of the pandemic.

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  • Dedicated website: BermudaCovid.com

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  1. IslandChild says:

    Hope you’re happy now.
    You know who you are.

    • Mark says:

      Good name. You sound like a child. How about questioning your invisible Premier on the failed logic of Safe Key and stupidity of handing out large group exemptions to F&F??

  2. Sandgrownan says:

    Yet something else impacted by the idiot anti-vax morons.

  3. Tru says:

    Or Vaxx fool like yourself who thinks they can’t spread it. SMH
    Both types can spread it, what rock do you live under.

    • saud says:

      No one, but you, is living under a rock.
      You’ve loudly proven that you have no idea what the vaccine does.
      Be quiet and sit down, you contribute nothing to society, you’re a drain on it.

      • Tue says:

        More than you probably do since I am in the medical field abroad. All I was saying is that with the Delta Variant both can easily spend it. Also I did not give you my vaxx status so for you to assume is a further fool of you you.Take your advice and put yourself to bed.

    • Hey says:

      Both types can spread it, but the ones who close the island down are the unvaccinated due to putting the hospital at full capacity.. stop costing this country and stand up and be counted. Get vaccinated.

      This event being cancelled is a direct result of the unvaccinated,

      This is not about you, stop being so selfish nd get vaccinated.

  4. Thanx to our idiot anti vaxers says:

    So glad to hear the antivaxers got their way. Getting vaccinated is a civic DUTY, NOT a personal choice. If super permissive FRANCE can figure it out and MANDATE vaccinations, why can’t we?

    • Certified says:

      You have to be crazy to think having a huge sporting event is a good idea. The same way GOV’T thought that vaccinated people don’t need to be tested regularly. This is why COVID is spreading rapidly. Carry on, & think the Vaccine will be your Savior. I’ll wait.

      • Sandgrownan says:

        Covid is spreading rapidly because 35% of Bermudian think they know better than global scientific consensus.

        75% of cases are coming from that 35% of the population. That population, and you, and all the other idiot anti-vax morons who couldn’t articulate their way out of a paper bag are the reason we have a crisis in Bermuda. No other reason.

        Allow business to take the lead and suspend none vaccinated employees. Do not put my health and my livelihood at risk – selfish bastards.

        • puzzled says:

          You must be special here.
          Your comments are always printed.

          • Sandgrownan says:

            Four. more. deaths.

            What is it going to take? 10 more? 20?

            Complete breakdown of public services?

      • iyiyi says:

        Who is spreading it is not the main issue here. The issue is who is overwhelming the hospital …. what will it take to understand what the benefit of the vaccine is ?? Hello !!

  5. puzzled says:

    My new book will be out in February 2022.

    It’s titled “The last Onion”.

    At this rate only the centipedes will be able to read it as their last meal….