June 2021 Consumer Price Index Report

September 14, 2021 | 1 Comment

Consumers paid 1.2% in June 2021 than they did a year ago for the basket of goods and services included in the Consumer Price Index [CPI] and this level of inflation was marginally down from the May 2021 annual inflation rate of 1.4%.

A Government spokesperson said, “Today, the Ministry for the Cabinet Office released the June 2021 Consumer Price Index [CPI] publication from the Department of Statistics.

“In summary, during June 2021 consumers paid 1.2 % more than they did in June 2020 for the basket of goods and services.

“The Transport & Foreign Travel sector continues to be the largest contributor to the 12-month increase in the CPI [+7.7 %], as the average cost of airfares increased for a third consecutive month, rising 25.2 %.

“Meanwhile, the Health & Personal Care sector and the Education, Recreation, Entertainment & Reading sectors also impacted strongly on the annual rate of inflation, as price shifts in these segments measured 2.7 % and 2.4 %, respectively.

“Between May 2021 and June 2021 the average cost of goods and services declined 0.3 %.

“Additional areas of note between May 2021 and June 2021 include:

  • “The Education, Recreation, Entertainment & Reading sector moved up 0.9 % in June. The average cost of pleasure boats rose 13.8 %.
  • “The Health & Personal Care sector increased 0.7 % for the month. The average cost of health insurance rose 1.0 %.
  • “The Food sector edged up 0.5 % for the month. Among the items contributing to the rise was the average cost of spare ribs [+12.7 %], cantaloupes [+14.1 %] and green peppers [+11.8 %]. In addition, the average cost of restaurant dining moved up 1.0 %.
  • “The Fuel & Power sector dropped 14.1 % as the average cost of electricity fell 14.7 % in June.
  • “The Rent sector was down 0.3 % as the average cost of properties not subject to rent control slid 0.7 %.

“The June 2021 Consumer Price Index is available at www.gov.bm/bermuda-business-statistics.

*”Note: Each month the Government measures both the annual and monthly rate of inflation, respectively.

  • “Monthly changes reflect changes from month to month.
  • “Annual changes reflect changes from the same month last year.”

The full June 2021 Consumer Price Index follows below [PDF here]:

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    In thought grocery prices where going to decline..

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