Marc Daniels To Release “Daderina” Book

September 7, 2021

[Written by Don Burgess]

Inspired by the spontaneous moment of hopping on stage to help his daughter Bella who was suffering from stage fright, lawyer Marc Daniels has written a book entitled Daderina.

His ballet performance went viral across the globe and saw Mr Daniels be proclaimed Father of the Year by Inside Edition.

Marc Daniels' Daderina Book Bermuda Sept 2021 1

The paperback book will drop on Amazon on Thursday, September 9. It is the first of a series that is described as “emotional and witty”, which “captures the essence of parenting, childhood, love and laughter.”

His wife Kim started the design sketches for the book, with Azulita Studios perfecting those sketches into the final design.

The book is available for pre-order for Amazon’s Kindle.

Marc Daniels' Daderina Book Bermuda Sept 2021 2

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  1. Congrats says:

    Great news looks like a movie or tour is next. Best wishes.