Bermuda Motocross Riders Compete In Florida

November 25, 2021

Bermuda motocross riders recently put their skills to the test while competing in the Mini O’s at the Gatorback Cycle Park in Florida, hosted by Unlimited Sports MX.

Jonah Smith and Zendai Ingham competed in the College Boy 16-24 Year Age Group Class. Smith finished 12th after finishing ninth in the first moto, and then finished 12th in the second moto. Ingham finished 17th after he finished 29th in the first moto and 17th in the second.

Aaron Cannonier competed in two classes. He finished 20th in the Veteran 30+ Class after finishes of 19th and 20th, but in the Veteran 35+ Class, Cannonier finished fourth with results of 10th and fourth.

Kai Simons took to the track for the 450B Limited Class and finished 25t.

During the Senior 45+ Division, Le-Troy Trott finished 23rd after finishing 27th in the first moto and 23rd in the second moto.

Jazai Easton-Thompson finished the first moto of the 65CC [7-9] Age Group Class in 33rd. He then finished 27th in the 65CC [7-9] Age Group Limited Class.

In the 85CC [12-13] Age Group Class, Jazuri Easton-Thompson finished 20th in the first moto. He then finished 25th in the 85CC [12-13] Age Group Limited Class, before closing out with a 29th place finish in the 85CC [9-13] Age Group Class.

Several Bermuda riders competed in the 51CC [4-6] Shaft DR Limited Class.

Tinho Tucker-Wall finished 31st after finishes of 13th, 36th, and 27th, while Kin Clarke finished 71st with finishes of 35th, 27th, and 35th.

Rome Dill finished 30th in the Classes 1st Moto; he recorded a Did Not Finish in the 51CC [4-6] Limited Class 1st Moto, and finished 35th in the 51CC [4-8] Limited Class first Moto.

In the 51CC [4-8] Limited Class, A’Jahni Foggo finished 33rd, and recorded a Did Not Finish in the 51CC [7-8] Limited Class.

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