Sailors Continue Championships In Florida

December 30, 2021 | 0 Comments

Bermuda sailors continued competing in the 2021 Orange Bowl Regatta off the Coral Reef Yacht Club in Florida, taking part in four more races on the third day.

Sophia Dias, Sam Redburn, Noah Amaradasa, Dylan Menzies, Oliver Soares, Jack Adderley, Evan Davis, and Nina Gotfredsen began competing in the optimist fleet that was split into three groups, and now have a nine race series.

Soares continues to lead the Bermuda sailors in the fleet coming off the water 83rd with 200 net points, he had his best finish of the regatta to date finishing 9th in races eight and nine.

Dias moved up 9 more places to 86th, with 211 net points, while Menzies is 117th with 305 net points, and Amaradasa is currently 127th with 135 net points.

Adderley ended the day in 137th position, while Davis is in 141st with 206 net points, Redburn is 177th with 344 net points, and Gotfredsen ended the day in 195th with 445 net points.

Gryffyn Benevides, Fox Targett, Indira Coleman, Oliver West, and Tadhg Gotfredsen are all competing in the optimist green fleet.

Targett is leading the Bermuda sailors in the fleet in 44th with 288 net points, Coleman is 52nd with 366 net points, while Benevides is in 59th with 441 net points, and Gotfredsen is in 62nd with 499 net points.

Bermuda is being represented in the ILCA 4 Fleet by Isaac Wickramage, Ben Redburn, Ciarra Wells, and Pharaoh Benevides, while Sergio de Frias competed in the ILCA 6 Fleet.

In the ILCA 4 Fleet, Redburn is in 38th place with 209 points, Wickramage is in 46th with 250 points, Benevides ended the day in 51st with 277 points, and Wells is in 55th place with 306 points, and De Frias finished the day in 70th with 222 net points in the ILCA 6 Fleet.

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