Video: BNV Interview With Premier David Burt

January 10, 2022

Premier David Burt will be joining Bernews at 4.00pm today [Jan 10] for the latest episode in the Bernews News & Views series, and if you have a question please feel free to leave a comment on our website or correlated social media posts [here and here] and we will try and ask it.

Premier David Burt BNV Promo Bermuda Jan 10 2022

The video will be live streamed below, as well as on Bernews YouTube, Twitter and Facebook pages, starting at around 4.00pm today.

Update 2.16pm: Thank you to everyone on site and across social media who submitted questions! Many were left, far too many for us to ask today, however as many were Covid/test related that can go to the Health Ministry we plan to submit many of them via email, so hopefully we can also have a new article with some written responses to the queries later this week. For today, we have quite a few reader questions scheduled including ones on Dr Carika Weldon, testing issues, vaccination for children, travel authorization form, SafeKey, curfew, vacation time, tourism season, minimum wage and more. We will ask as many as we can.

Update 3.58pm: Thank you for watching! We will have a transcription of some of the interview, however as we have to manually type it all out it will take a while, but hopefully we will get a large portion done by tomorrow.

Update 8.54pm: The first transcription is up, it covers the questions about the travel authorization form, you can read it here.

Update Jan 11: We have transcribed additional replies [quarantine period,  whether we will see vaccine mandates, vaccination for children] which can be read here and also the Premier’s replies about Dr Weldon and staffing for testing can be read here.

The live interview replay is below

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Comments (35)

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  1. SWING VOTER says:

    Why are we not following the CDC rules from 14 days down to 5 days of lock down after testing positive?

    Why can’t we we reduce the arrival test to day 1 when a passenger arrives off their flights and day 6?

    • .am says:

      The CDC doesn’t even require you to test out. Def should NOT be the the gold standard.

  2. Joe Bloggs says:

    “Premier David Burt will be joining Bernews at 4.00pm today [Jan 10]”

    He’s been found?

    • sandgrownan says:

      Someone should ask why he’s been off island for so long.

    • question says:

      Back from his month-long vacation, finally.
      Or perhaps he’s moved overseas and he’s just here for a quick visit.

  3. unknown800k says:

    Lets see who gets the blame this time!

  4. Kevin says:

    Mr. Burt,
    With Omicron raging, schools opening/closing/opening, the economy tanking, bus service cancelled daily, gun violence at a high WHY did you take a vacation? Do you understand that part of the job as Premier is to LEAD in times of trouble?


    • trufth says:

      And Part 2 to that question is:

      Can you tell me who it is you work for and who it is that pays your salary.

      Thank you.

  5. David says:

    Good morning Bernews,

    Could you please ask the Premier the following 2 questions?

    1. Is there any elected, assigned or former MP or immediate family member who is financially benefitting from our testing regime?

    I don’t recall this question ever being posed by any local media to date, and I think it’s very relevant given the obvious potential conflict of interest especially in light of our obsession with PCR over-testing and the negative effects it’s having on tourism, public school students and economy/community at large.

    2. Partner RE donated $45k to help pay for antigen tests in public schools. Since it’s now clear this hasn’t been implemented how was that money spent instead?

  6. A concerned citizen says:

    With the spike in COVID cases on island and the current high volume of testing could we have an infomercial to demonstrate the proper way to use the antigen test and most importantly the proper way to dispose of the testing kit? I ask this because improper use could lead to unreliable results. Moreover improper disposal of the testing kits could lead to others being exposed to the pathogens. In other words there is a potential danger associated with these if they are not carried out correctly.

    • .am says:

      I honestly don’t think you understand how antigen tests work if you think people can catch Covid from it.

  7. LetariatPro says:

    Where are the real solutions for the economy? Where is the immigration reform? Why the delay in such a critical time of need?

    • Joe Bloggs says:

      “Where is the immigration reform?”

      There will be no immigration reform! We will not even debate the matter! Rev. Genevieve, where are you?!?!?!?!

  8. Free market says:

    When will marijuana be legal in this country? We have lots of entrepreneurs ready to step up!

  9. Question says:

    Theres always consideration about overloading the hospital upon the advise of Dr. Miller(Chief of staff) so why wasnt the same consideration given to Dr Weldon when she advised the timing of the school testing would tax the testing system on the island? Theres now a constant backlog. It could have been prevented so who’s pride is holding this country hostage??

    • Sandgrownan says:

      There could be another, more simple, reason. Bermuda is broke. Skint. Without two coins to rub together. There’s nothing left.

  10. Bob says:

    1. As the unvaccinated are not transmitting Covid more than the vaccinated and if it’s not coercion to get people vaccinated, why are you discriminating against the unvaccinated? The unvaccinated catches Covid and is more likely to be symptomatic then stays home and gets tested. The vaccinated catches Covid and is more likely to be asymptomatic and carry on life as normal.

    2. Why should an unvaccinated with a negative arrival test have to quarantine whilst a vaccinated with a negative doesn’t.

    3. Do you honestly think Safekey is working?

    4. It is looking like Omicron is a very mild flu with little hospitalizations. It has also displaced Delta. Is Bermuda Government ready to move with the times and ease all restrictions?

    5. What are your thoughts on gaining community immunity by easing restrictions while we have Omnicron?

  11. aceboy says:

    I would like a full financial accounting of all COVID related services paid for by the government.

    Who owns what?

    Are there ANY ministers or senators benefiting financially from any COVID related services?

  12. T-Roy says:

    Why are travelers the only people being charged for Covid testing? They have to pay $75 per person which is supposed to cover all testing once landing on the island however a non-traveler can book a Covid test every week for free.

  13. Donna says:

    I hope he listens to this recording. Um. Hum. Ahhh umm

  14. This Press Briefing was a total joke and not to sound disrespectful but it was totally unacceptable, This Premier needs to go, your away all these weeks and have so many things happening with the department of education and the resignation of Dr. Carika Weldon and he hasn’t spoken to any of it in real depth.

  15. Bermuda Mum says:

    When wil they abolish or at the very least reduce the ten day rules for school after travel . I’m not sure anywhere else in the world does this ! It is so harmful to the childrens education and is even harder here with so many people with families abroad .

    Also if as all the data suggests , the new variant is so much milder when will they change the mask mandate for schools and make it optional ? Again a very harmful rule for the kids going forward.

    We need to be given at the least a timeline on when these things are changing – it can’t just be left open ended, this is not something that can be put in place forever .

    • .am says:

      No one forced you to travel.

      • Question says:

        It’s stupid, unnecessary, and it restricts freedoms that should be a given.
        Omicron is as serious as a cold. It is no excuse for forced isolation, tests, and restrictions. There is also no medical justification for safekey any more.
        It’s all an unnecessary charade.

  16. comfortably numb says:

    There’s 35 minutes of my life I won’t get back watching Blurt evade and divert from the questions asked. ‘It’s important to note’ repeated ad nauseam, more ‘um’s and ‘errs’ than Randy Horton in his prime and simply not addressing the concerns raised. TA forms until April 2023? How will that make our tourism product more competitive? Tourists have many options to our south with no TA forms needed.

  17. trufth says:

    “Errr ah umm, errr ummmm ah uh errr, umm ummm, errr ahhh, ummm urrrr ahhh….”
    Oh my gaawd, this is so PAINFUL to listen to!

    • Triangle Drifter says:

      Tried to listen. Really did. What an embarrassment. Anyone with time to waste counted all the ahh’s the um’s, the incredible failure to sound honest with all of the diversion & sidestepping.

      Could not handle any more than five minutes.

  18. Fers says:

    This is a waste of time because Burt will fluff his way through the questions..why are they still using the PCR tests….they are not suppose to be in use as of December 31st. They can never answer the question. Great questions from our Bermudians

  19. Dunn juice says:

    Flip flop Burt bringing back not the um um um show.

  20. In Mark's Opinion says:

    Is everyone in these Island gone stupid. Why are people allowing their freedoms to be controlled

  21. one day says:

    he and they have yet to answer a question without ducking, weaving, not answering, reversing, or bull craping. WE ARE TIRED OF IT. Tell the truth open and honestly

  22. Question says:

    There’s a car crash interview for you. Freakin atrocious.

    • Sandgrownan says:

      But but PLP acolytes always told me he was the great orator ?

    • Sandgrownan says:

      But but PLP acolytes always told me he was the great orator ?

      Is the emperor really wearing no clothes?