Travel Authorization Will Be In Use Until 2023

January 10, 2022 | 15 Comments

The travel authorization will be in use until at least April of next year, however the Government is aware people have concerns about it, and they are having discussions about “simplifying the process,” as they look to how we can “reduce the restrictions at the border and adopt the position of living with the coronavirus.”

This was from Premier David Burt as he was speaking today during a live BNV interview where he answered a number of reader questions spanning topics including testing, Dr Carika Weldon, vaccination for children, SafeKey, curfew, his vacation time, tourism, minimum wage and more.

In response to a reader question asking “When will they get rid of the travel authorization [TA] for residents,” the Premier replied, “I do not believe that travel authorization will go out of use until the earliest, I would say, April 1st, 2023.

“I know that there are a number of concerns that people may have with the travel authorization. I know that these were discussions which were had in December of simplifying the process, enabling families to put various things together, make it simpler, and possibly even looking at transferring these particular items into an app.

“Those are all work streams in progress, because we recognize that from a competitive perspective, we want to make Bermuda an easier place for our visitors to visit.

“Wearing one of my hats as the Minister responsible for tourism, I recognize that Bermuda is not as competitive as we need to be inside the tourism space, and so the conversation, discussions that are taking place, are how can we look to reduce the restrictions at the border and adopt the position of living with the coronavirus.

“You will see changes to border policies that will make Bermuda more, I would say, competitive, and what you will see is that there’s going to be an increasing level of personal responsibility that are going to be put on members of the public.

The Premier added that “a person should not expect that the travel authorization will not exist until April 1st, 2023. That’s not this year, that’s in 16 months at the earliest.”

Extract from the BNV where the Premier replies to the questions about the travel authorization 

Another reader asked “Can the TA become one form for family instead of all separate forms for separate individuals. And also lower the fee cost of $75, at least for children and seniors? Can the TA have an app like Verify instead, which is what the airlines are using right now?”

In response, the Premier said, “Your readers are certainly reading my mind. I kind of answered the question about one per family and that’s some of the things, the comments and feedback which have come from the stakeholders of Bermuda Tourism Authority and the Hotel Association in regards to that.

“In regards to the reduction of fees for the travel authorization itself, seniors, and also young persons, I do believe that there were differential fees that existed before, I’m not sure if there is one for seniors, but I certainly think that that’s something that we could consider.

“The government is going to be announcing by the end of the month what our strategy is going to be for the upcoming fiscal year that begins April 1st, as we have to reduce the amount of, I would say, energy, effort, time and public money that is spent on our coronavirus response and it’s necessary for the country to adjust for the long term, because we are not going to be able to maintain this level of defenses for the foreseeable future, in recognizing the coronavirus will be with us for some time.”

You can watch the full video here and we will post additional extracts/transcriptions as able.

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  1. Why is the Travel Authorization being used until April 2023, who stands to benefit from it financially and especially when the majority of the World is predicting with their Global crystal ball, that Covid is nearly behind us.

    It’s a money making scheme and nothing more.

    • Otrwele says:

      I agree! Absolutely ridiculous to have this set in stone for another year plus. This just tells a more obvious story as to what this plandemic was all about in the first place! I’ve traveled to other countries that require similar documents and it was free of charge . Go figure.

      • sandgrownan says:

        Not sure of the rationale, but it seems nonsense to enact a policy requirement and essentially say with certainty it will still be needed over 12 months from now.

        A better answer would have been to say that all measures are under constant review for the foreseeable future as the pandemic develops.

        Problem is, the answer feeds all the conspiracy nutjobs out there.

      • 48 ParlaVille Road says:

        What county can you go and get a pre departure test for free. I had to pay to get them done in US Canada and UK ?

        • sandgrownan says:

          US. I stood in line and had a PCR test for free.

        • Joe Public says:

          Yes a test in the USA is $175 and up. When I came home after Christmas they wanted $250 because of the demand for me and 3 other family me members.

          Folks here crying about $75 for 3 test GET REAL!! The medical place on Northshore is $165 for 1 test. Imagine if the Gov away the TA form and your employer explains that you need a test to come back to work.

        • Otrwele says:

          Yup that’s the problem Bermudians only travel to the UK , US and Canada. That’s why you don’t know about other countries policies that offer free entry into their countries. TA’s and all. Can’t think outside the box That’s the problem. That’s exactly why I go to the far reaches of the planet to get away from Bermudians

  2. Pitts Bay says:

    No Government likes to give up the kind of control and powers that a state of emergency gives them, and the Bermuda Government is no exception. If I recall correctly, Bermuda’s state of emergency powers basically override everything but the constitution, with very little room for checks & balances.

  3. Unknown800k says:

    Nice to see everyone back from the vineyard.
    Can you tell us where the funds are going, probably with the sugar tax we hear nuffin about.
    Is the investigation into to the unknown800k still going, or left when the commissioner left

  4. Sandgrownan says:

    Well, that’s a bullsh*t answer of ever I heard one.

  5. Question says:

    Obviously there is a contract until April 1, 2023. That’s the date that particular f&f welfare plan comes to an end.

  6. aceboy says:

    What was the point of the big jobs fair for Tourism? Good optics? The TA system is the biggest obstacle for tourism.

  7. aceboy says:

    The government will clearly keep renewing their EMO until next year then? That is shameful. Who is making money and doesn’t want CoVID to end?

  8. Triangle Drifter says:

    Follow the money. The TA form is a get rich quick scheme for a few people. Total BS.

    No TA is needed to enter the US. An in date vaccination/booster & a negative test is required. The airlines require a negative test. No testing on arrival or follow up testing.

    The Bermuda policy is insanity. It is no wonder that tourism has dropped so much & airlines are abandoning routes. Who is going to go through all of the hassles of jumping through expensive Bermuda Government hoops?

  9. Guy Carri says:

    Don’t worry everyone, tourism can all travel to cheaper places.

    Don’t worry everyone, good ol locals will just pay to get off this rock.

    Life just keeps getting more and more expensive under the PLP.

    Don’t effectively cut their own costs but they sure do increase ours!

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