Health Minister: Quarantine Time To Be Reduced

January 14, 2022 | 36 Comments

The time requirements to quarantine/isolate will be reduced, Minister of Health Kim Wilson said.

Speaking at yesterday’s [Jan 13] press conference, Minister Wilson said, “The current requirement for non-immunised persons who must quarantine or isolate is for a period of 14 days, and they must book and get a verified PCR to test out of quarantine/isolation. This requirement will change as they must now quarantine or isolate for only 10 days and test out on a verified antigen test after 10 days.

“If you are immunised and required to quarantine or isolate as a close contact, the current requirement is for a period of 10 days, testing out with a verified PCR test on day 10. This will change to a 7-day quarantine/isolation period with a verified antigen test required to test out.

“If you are immunised and boosted within 6 months, you currently must quarantine for 10 days and test out with a verified PCR test. This requirement will change, and no quarantine will be required. However, a verified antigen test is required on day 7. It is also recommended that daily antigen tests are taken for self-monitoring during the 7 day period.”

“The current requirement is 5 days with a verified Antigen test for immunised persons who require quarantine or isolation for repatriation to the US. Persons will be repatriated according to the country’s repatriation requirements, this requirement may be between 5-10 days quarantine, with a verified antigen or PCR test.

“Currently, returning residents and visitors conduct a pre-test, test on arrival, another test on day 4 and day 10 using a PCR. This requirement will change, and those travelling to Bermuda will conduct a pre-test, test on arrival and test on day 4 using a verified antigen test.

“Regardless of your quarantine and isolation requirements, everyone should follow public health guidance – avoid closed spaces, crowded places and close contact settings.

“Wear a mask indoors and outdoors if you cannot physically distance, practice good hand hygiene, maintain physical distance, and download the WeHealth Bermuda app. As well, those recently removed from quarantine or isolation should continue to monitor their health and symptoms.”

The changes will be made effective January 20,2022.

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  1. jon says:

    “If you are immunized and boosted within 6 months, you currently must quarantine for 10 days and test out with a verified PCR test. This requirement will change, and no quarantine will be required. However, a verified antigen test is required on day 7. It is also recommended that daily antigen tests are taken for self-monitoring during the 7 day period.”

    Please explain to me why a vaccinated person doesn’t have to quarantine when they are the ones spreading this virus. This is why people dont want to follow the advice given, it makes no sense. Your still penalizing the unvaccinated while letting the virus spreaders roam free.

    • sandgrownan says:

      Well, the unvaccinated should be penalised. They should be penalised for being selfish and ignorant.

      It’s a disgustingly first world discussion, personal choices about being vaccinated? Really.

      People are dying elsewhere because of lack of access to vaccines. Grow up.

      • Otrwele says:

        Well I hope for your sake the day your lying on the beach almost dead from a heart attack that the only person in sight that can h LP you is unvaccinated. The one who is supposed to be so selfish and ignorantnand immoral takes measurs to save your life and decides to give you CPR. I hope you gratefull that your judge of character of them changes your mind . You are the one who is ignorant by allowing yourself to sucked in by hatred!

        • SandgrownAn says:

          Should that happen, hope I can get into KEMH and not find all beds filled up with people drowning in their own lung fluids.

          Grow up.

    • If you keep saying a lie repeatedly it doesn’t make it true.

      Are you trying to make yourself feel better with this nonsense. Hope it’s working.

  2. Never a reason to not quarantine if positive says:

    The government is making no sense. If you have tested positive you should be in quarantine until you have tested negative regardless of vaccination status or booster status. One because the virus doesn’t care about who it infects or how they get infected. Two each person’s immune system is different so no two people will have the same reaction to the virus when infected. Three tell someone that they are free to not quarantine because they have had a booster shot gives the virus a free pass to spread. Lest we forget about last April when they lowered the restrictions for vaccinated people and the cases rose to an all time high (at that time). Then again in September they lowered the restrictions based on vaccination status and the death toll tripled. Our morgue was overwhelmed and we had to use containers to compensate. These people have no idea how to control the spread of the virus. Quarantine must be mandatory for all who tested positive and they must test negative to come out of quarantine. That is the only way to effectively stop the spread of Covid.
    Furthermore SafeKey based on vaccination status is a joke because it tells us nothing about the virus. It would be more effective if they had antigen test as the basis. Just look at the data and see for yourself how many vaccinated people in Bermuda have tested positive. The vast majority of all imported cases are vaccinated people. The majority of the people who have had the Omicron have been vaccinated. So why are we still basing our plans on a vaccination status???

  3. Charlotte Durham says:

    I find this very amusing, insane and sad all in the same breath. People need to understand that this shot being shot up in their bodies hasn’t proven the stop or spread of this virus and why the health minister (who has no educational background on health) has people divided on the length of time quarantine is required. IT MAKES NO SENSE WHAT-SO-EVER; yet Bermudians continue to buy into this narrative. There is no containing or controlling a virus (including this one and the many variants to follow) and the only thing being contained and controlled are the people of Bermuda. WAKE PEOPLE AND START EDUCATING YOURSELVES ON THE THE LAWS OF MAN AND COMPARE THEM WITH THE LAWS OF GOD!!!! If the truth is what you are seeking to set you free pay more attention, become consciously aware of what is going on around you to allow TRUTH to set you ALL FREE!!!

    • sandgrownan says:

      Stopped reading when you invoked god.

      • Otrwele says:

        Thanks! Now we know why you have such a hard on for science. lol!! This BS narrative is falling apart. Can’t wait till all hell breaks loose. People love to be lied to when it suites their lifestyle. Good glad I’m not on you side.

      • Yawn says:


  4. aceboy says:

    Our government are sheep. They don’t have a clue what to do….we have a lawyer as our health minister, so they follow these insane policies.

  5. Red Pill says:

    This should have been done months ago. SMH!

  6. Ringmaster says:

    The problem is that up until a few months ago, the Ministers, including the Premier, merely followed what others were doing. Now that others are relaxing the restrictions now knowing many made no sense at the time, the same Ministers, and Premier, are having to think for themselves and plan ahead. The PLP have never been known to plan ahead, or think for themselves and this was shown again at yesterday’s train wreck when the Government took no responsibility for the chaos they caused by lack of planning or thought over Christmas and the New Year.

  7. Rebecca Richards says:

    My husband and I are both vaccinated and boosted and we are visiting Bermuda from Feb 23-March 9th, does anyone know how long it takes to get Covid results from test when we arrive? We land at 1145AM and wondering whether we will be able to to out to dinner or will we be isolated till the next day? We rented an apartment and we need to get the home owner to get us some things if we can’t go out till next day

    • Welcome says:

      Welcome to Bermuda.It’s hard to say really they try for 12 hours. The turnaround time depends on the number of tests being done. I would suggest you ask the homeowner to assist with some basic supplies just to be safe. We also have a really great delivery service. Sargasso Sea who can deliver food from many restaurants. They have an app and are online. Enjoy your trip!

    • Ringmaster says:

      Welcome to Bermuda and I hope you have a very enjoyable visit. We need people like you to enjoy the beauty of Bermuda. What is in place today, which is not clear, will almost certainly change by Feb 23, so unfortunately there is no easy answer.

    • Question says:

      I hope you and your husband have a great time here.

  8. question says:

    These isolation periods don’t make any sense, when you consider (a) being vaccinated makes no statistical difference to your chance of contracting omicron or passing it on, and (b) even for people who get it, most jurisdictions are now going with a 5 day isolation period, because by then the disease is over.
    For the same reasons, Safekey is now pretty much useless, and should be ditched.

    • sandgrownan says:

      This is factually incorrect in so many ways.

      • Question says:

        No, it is not. Vaccines will reduce your chance of serious disease. But vaccines won’t stop you from catching omicron or from passing it on. Which means Safekeys are an ineffective charade.

        • sandgrownan says:

          The vaccine statistically reduces chance of contracting the virus, passing it on, and importantly getting seriously ill. Other than masks and decent hygiene regimes, it’s the #1 thing we can all do to reduce the impact of COVID. Of course, it’s a changing landscape, but the facts remain.

          Safekey punishes the unvaccinated. I’m Ok with that.

          • Otrwele says:

            Statics my A$$! The omicron variant increasing found in vaccinated persons and with the current travel restrictions coming from the united States where only vaccinated persons can travel to and from Bermuda then it’s obvious who originally has transmitted the new variant

            • Sandgrownan says:

              Well duh. If everyone, pretty much, has to be vaccinated to travel, then come on…. You can do the math…. it’s not difficult

          • Question says:

            According to the UK HSA stats, vaccinated adults are currently contracting covid in greater numbers per 100,000 than unvaccinated adults.
            It does keep you out of hospital, but that’s all it does.
            There is really no credibility in the idea vaccine stops you catching it, but if you want to carry on believing that, it’s up to you.
            They Safekey concept is based on the idea the people around you won’t have covid because they’re vaccinated. With omicron, that is now just nonsense. Those days are gone.

            • sandgrownan says:

              It keeps you out of hospital. Bingo.

              Thanks to DREB we have a hospital with 4 beds, so it’s probably a good idea to get vaccinated.

              When you are cherry picking information from the internet to suit whatever bullsh*t you want to believe, it would behove you to read the full article:

              “The new U.K. study also found Covid vaccines reduce the risk of hospitalization from omicron across the board, though a booster dose provides the highest level of protection. The latest data adds to a growing body of evidence demonstrating that although the vaccines have taken a hit from omicron, they still provide significant levels of protection compared to people who are unvaccinated.”

              • question says:

                You accuse me of cherry-picking, then you quote from somewhere without saying where the quote comes from.

                None of what you said offers any logical support for the idea of Safekey. Vaccinated people are catching Omicron in hundreds, even just in Bermuda. The hospital is easily able to cope with the people made ill, because Omicron is no worse than a seasonal flu.

                Try to dial back that hysteria.

                • sandgrownan says:

                  Quite possibly the same HSA report – I think I read the pertinent piece on one of the news sites. I’ll go look it up if you want a citation.

                  The more people that are vaccinated, the better it is for the most vulnerable. It’s really that simple.

                  Seasonal flu? I don’t think you’ve ever had flu.

  9. Guy Carri says:

    A shameful joke.

    More pressure for the unvaxxed to get vaxxed and vaxxed to get booster. Means NOTHING to stop the spread. Quarantine differences are not data nor scientifically driven.

    AND post 5 days you are clear per CDC.

    And what about all of the other “safety” measures that they didn’t mention? Get off the power trip and excuse for a failing economy and let us get on with it!

    • It last longer than five days says:

      I have been vaccinated and tested positive for Covid last Friday I had a follow up test on Tuesday and it was also positive.

  10. Concerned_For_Next_Gen says:

    It is time to get rid of the ridiculous $75.00 form everyone is filling out to return to their own country…. that is what it is time for!!! Someone’s pockets are being lined quite nicely because of this!!

  11. spotty says:

    so help me here seriously- if im vaxxed and boosted- nd test positive for the Covid- after Jan 20 i wont have to isolate or quarantine. just be sensible (obviously) and test daily ( i think too much testing) and then get a verified day 7 antigen… but i can go out and about knowing i have the Covid? is that what others read into this…i like the freedom but wnat to be sure


  12. Otrwele says:

    Statics my A$$! The omicron variant increasing found in vaccinated persons and with the current travel restrictions coming from the united States where only vaccinated persons can travel to and from Bermuda then it’s obvious who originally has transmitted the new variant

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