Event Set To Honour Sir John W. Swan

January 25, 2022

According to Dale Butler, Executive Director of Atlantic Publishing House [APH], Sir John W. Swan will be honoured on Thursday, February 17th at 5:30 p.m. at the Leopards Club International building and on this occasion they will share what was called a “recorded prophetic 1994 Throne Speech” which Sir John delivered when he was the Premier of Bermuda

“This dinner event, under Covid rules, is restricted to 20 people, at the time of publishing. During the evening meal event, the recorded Throne Speech will be played, Sir John will take questions, and following that he will be presented with the first Legacy Insights Award designed by APH,” Mr Butler said.

“The event was originally scheduled for October 2021, but rising Covid numbers led to its postponement. This is a significant event because a large framed picture which clearly depicts the innumerable accomplishments of our living National Hero, Sir John, will be presented to him.”

Tickets for this dinner event are $55 per person and can be purchased by calling 595-9841 or emailing daledbutler@gmail.com.

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  1. Unknown800k says:

    Real gentleman and politician, Burtcoin could use some lessons from sir john.
    Burtcoin and a bunch of others

    • Ants says:

      Ya very unnecessary comment is callus and stupid

      • unknown800k says:

        So you agree or disagree. seems like quite a few agree.

    • Morris Malone Sr says:

      They are too narcissistic to learn from Sir John Swan.

    • lost $$$ says:

      absolutely 1000% correct.on all fronts. yet they fail to watch, listen or learn, but rather act like little dictators

    • White Wash says:

      A real gentleman LMAO who was leader of the UBP the same mighty UBP party which the OBA wishes to distance/distance/distance the party from @#%$ because all the racial past mistakes.

      I can’t take you folks serious. What a joke!!! If the party was so good and he was so excellent a leader why did black voters and members LEAVE???? Why did you all change the name in 1 night??

      • Dunn juice says:

        Yup and they are foing a magnificent job now. Just look at the debt the ministers that don’t pay rent and still get rewarded