Kelly Hoping To Win Pro Card In Grand Prix

March 25, 2022

[Written by Stephen Wright]

Sean Treadwell Kelly will be pursuing an IFBB pro card when he competes in the Caribbean Grand Prix at the Ruth Seaton James Centre tomorrow [Saturday].

The 40-year-old has entered all three men’s open classes – classic physique, men’s physique and bodybuilding – but believes his best chance of earning his professional status is in the classic physique.

Kelly, who trains under coach Carmichael Bryan at Positive Results, came third in his class when the competition was held in Bermuda three years ago and has not taken the stage since then.

“The main goal for me is coming in well prepared and bringing a better package than last time,” said Kelly, who must win his overall class to claim a pro card.

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“If a pro card happens, that will be awesome. It’s possible for everybody, but you have to bring the whole package: your physique, presentation and posing.

“I’ve put in a lot of hard work with my coach, and I hope the outcome is a pro card.”

Kelly began sculpting his body as a teenager after being inspired to train by his uncle, a keen bodybuilder; however, it was not until 2016 that he decided to showcase his hard work in the gym on stage.

“Bodybuilding has been an interest since I was about 14, as I had an uncle who was a bodybuilder,” he said.

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“I started training every day with the late Reggie Matthie, who owned the Gold Coast Gym off Cobbs Hill, near Ord Road. That’s where my foundations for training properly were laid.

“I didn’t get on stage until 2016, but I was always training as though I was training for something.”

More than 100 local and overseas bodybuilders and fitness athletes will strut their stuff at tomorrow’s event, which has had a three-year hiatus because of the Covid-19 pandemic.

“I’m focused on doing everything I’m supposed to be doing,” added Kelly, a personal trainer at Elite Fitness.

“I’ll do my best, enjoy it and see what happens. I dedicate every day to this sport; it’s a whole lifestyle. I train three days a week with my coach.

“I hope there will be a good crowd to cheer on the local and overseas competitors. We have a lot of great talent on the island.”

Among the other local competitors chasing pro cards are Tashae Simmons and Susan Simons.

Simmons won the wellness open class and wellness overall class in her debut at the Lee Games NPC National Qualifier in Atlanta, Georgia, in November last year.

Meanwhile, Simons enjoyed success at the National Physique Committee Mel Chancey Harbour Classic in Punta Gorda, Florida, in August last year, winning the wellness over-35 class and coming runner-up in the bikini and open wellness classes.

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