Preserve Marriage Group To Hold Demonstration

May 23, 2017

[Updated] The Preserve Marriage group — which has been campaigning against same sex marriage — will be holding a “peaceful demonstration” from 12:30pm to 1:30pm on Thursday, May 25th at the Parliament Grounds.

“All people of Bermuda [Faith & Non-Faith] are being invited to take a stand for marriage to be One Woman and One Man,” a promo the group posted online said.

Preserve Marriage supporters gathered at a press conference today:

Preserve Marriage  Bermuda May 23 2017 (2)

This scheduled demonstration follows after a landmark court ruling paving the way for same sex marriage, which was subsequently followed by a Private Members Bill brought by MP Wayne Furbert which seeks to define marriage between a male and a female.

Winston Godwin and Greg DeRoche filed a legal challenge after their marriage application was declined by Bermuda’s Registrar-General, and the court ruled in their favour , saying that the “common law discriminates against same-sex couples by excluding them from marriage and more broadly speaking the institution of marriage.”

Following the ruling, Minister of Home Affairs Patricia Gordon Pamplin said the Government  ”will not lodge an appeal against the judgment” and “will implement the necessary steps to ensure compliance.”

Preserve Marriage publicly stated they do not agree with the decision not to appeal, and called on the Government to “responsibly appeal the current ruling.”

Live video replay of Preserve Marriage’s press conference today:

However according to three lawyers involved in the legal case, an appeal was unlikely to succeed anyway, with lawyer Rod Attride Stirling stating, “the Government had no prospect of succeeding on an appeal.”

Following the court ruling, MP Wayne Furbert brought a Private Members Bill seeking to make an amendment to define marriage between a male and a female. This will be his second attempt to bring such a Bill, with the first attempt back in 2016 passing in the House, but being stopped in the Senate.

Update 5.36pm: A police spokesperson said, “The Bermuda Police Service [BPS] is aware that appeals are being made for the public to show support at a planned demonstration at the House of Assembly regarding same sex marriage between 12:30pm and 1:30pm on Thursday 25th May.

“A policing plan has been developed to accommodate a peaceful gathering while ensuring the functions in the building are not interrupted.

“The public can expect to see an increased police presence in and around the House of Assembly to assist with managing the anticipated activity.

“Currently, the plan is to keep the streets open around the House of Assembly, but this may change if the need arises. The media will be kept informed of our plans, and the public can receive updates via our social media feeds.

“Business owners in the vicinity, and anyone planning to attend those businesses, should plan for additional activity in the area.

“The BPS has been communicating with the event organisers to share these plans and ensure that everyone knows what to expect on the day.

“We anticipate that any activity in relation to this public demonstration will be conducted peacefully and lawfully and any questions in this regard should be directed to the Operational Planning Unit on telephone 247-1362. ”

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  1. sandgrownan says:

    What a hateful bunch. Hateful, disgraceful people. Shame on them.

    • LOVEWINS says:

      Wayne Furbert is akin to Donald Trump. He forgets all the hard fought campaigns for freedom, right to vote, women’s rights, mixed marriage. He is attempting to impose his religious beliefs on the rest of us. That is an infringement of my human right to love and marry the person of my choice.
      Furbert forgets what Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King stood for. Furbert stands against equality. Furbert and the Preserve Marriage crowd are dinosaurs and are a disgrace.

  2. Nathan says:

    My religion states that anyone that doesn’t share my beliefs has to eat horse manure at least twice a day. As no members of preserve marriage share my beliefs, I demand that they all eat horse manure. Any less should not be tolerated…who will protest with me until they are full?

    How does this kind of rant usually end…. Ah yes, TRUTH!!!!

  3. puzzled says:

    Here we go again.

  4. Hope says:

    Would someone at PM be able to provide evidence to support their claims that SSM causes harm to society and children? And I mean real support, so research papers, scientific articles etc.

    • blankman says:

      They’ve been repeatedly challenged to do so but crickets …

    • wha-gwan says:

      Actually there is evidence that supports the claim that children raised by same sex couples suffer much more emotionally compared to being raised by heterosexual couples, google-same sex parenting, The Heritage Foundation

  5. Cherie says:

    Why not worry about preserving your own marriages – most marriages are on the verge of doom and failure! Look at your own and focus on that and leave people alone who want to be together!

  6. Daylily says:

    We will be at the demonstration Thursday, May 25th at 12:30pm on Parliament grounds.

    • Mike Hind says:

      Sure you will. You flying in from America?

    • Hope says:

      Great. Maybe you can answer my question here then please: Would someone at PM be able to provide evidence to support their claims that SSM causes harm to society and children? And I mean real support, so research papers, scientific articles etc.

      • blankman says:

        Don’t expect an answer. So far no-one opposed to same-sex marriage has provided a single valid reason supporting their position.

    • Hope says:

      Just as I thought…no reply

  7. Bermuda Mom says:

    Thank you Preserve Marriage.

    See you there!!

    • Reuben says:

      What do you get out of this? What benifit does this give you?

    • Hope says:

      I really am interested in this. Would you know the answer to my question too please?: Would someone at PM be able to provide evidence to support their claims that SSM causes harm to society and children? And I mean real support, so research papers, scientific articles etc.

    • Hope says:

      So that’s a no then? Not able to answer my question?

  8. Mary says:

    can someone please teach these folk how to read and understand a bible then keep their beliefs to themselves religious persecution has been going on for too long and the cause of so many wars and injustice

  9. hmm says:

    Working very hard to stop someone doing something that has no affect on you and how you conduct your life. How Godly of you all.

  10. Smarter441 says:

    Hate Hate hate every person up there should be ashamed. How any person could discriminate against another group of people is beyond me. You’re no better then the KKK. Same message different fight

  11. Let there be hope says:

    I wonder how many of you have been Divorced, how many have been unfaithful, how many of you have outside children? You have no right to say who someone can love or marry. You have no right to pass judgement on anyone. That right is reserved for one person only. And that person is God!

  12. Onion Juice says:

    Woman to a Man is de Master plan.
    Even de roosters and hens running around de Island with their beautiful chicks prove me RIGHT.

    • bdaboy says:

      “Even de roosters and hens running around de Island with their beautiful chicks prove me RIGHT.”

      You talk about sex with animals often, you reveal your true self, OJ.

    • Um Um Like says:

      “De roosters” are out there making baby chicks, with THEIR SISTERS.

      Quite reminiscent of Bermudians…

    • blankman says:

      At least 500 species of animals engage in homosexual acts. Only one is homophobic.

    • Mike Hind says:

      When have you ever been right?

  13. aceboy says:

    Why do you people consider yourselves the moral oracles of Bermuda and think your views should triumph over the rights of others?

    You have a view. Keep it to yourselves.

  14. Right Thinking Person says:

    As a religious based group concerned about preserving marriage, should they be more interested in preventing divorce which the bible wholeheartedly disapproves of regardless of whatever Christian denomination claim to follow?

  15. Bermudian says:

    Not that long ago these same people had to fight for their rights due to their skin colour and they want to deny someone else. Shameful!

    • Onion Juice says:

      And we are STILL fighting.

      • bdaboy says:

        You’re now fighting to prevent equal rights for all. You’re selfish, greedy, hateful, disgusting bigots.
        If you ever did read that European bible you keep trotting out, you’d realise that you’re actually doing the wrong thing.

  16. A Chap called Vanz says:

    A demonstration of intolerance!

  17. K says:

    I’m neither here nor there about this issue but what I can’t seem to understand is this..if this group has decided to stand up for what they believe in, why is it an issue. SSM supporters stood up for what they believe is right, why can’t anyone else. It seems as if anyone that disagrees with homosexuality are labeled as hateful. Why! Because they don’t agree! Last I checked we were all entitled to our opinion. My mother taught me if you don’t stand for anything you’ll fall for everything. If we all agreed on everything we’d be robots.

    • Janice says:

      It’s the hipocracyy of it all you can disagree with anything but you should not deny folks equal rights we are all one under the eyes of GOD he did not put folks on earth to dish out a pecking order injustice to other or to act holyer than thow the truth is gay people are the last bogey man nonsense that churches like to hate on in church when that’s gone who will they pick on next

      • Redamtibi says:

        But that one god you just refered to for the convienience of your reply said clearly that marriage is between a man and a woman. And you talk about hipocracy. Read your scripture before you refer to god…me thinks you have been fooled by the false god…satan himself.

        • blankman says:

          You really have to read the bible. The definition of marriage there goes far beyond one man/one woman. Try:

          - One man/one woman
          - One man/many wives
          - One man/many wives & many concubines – Solomon had 300 wives and 700 concubines
          - A soldier and his female prisoners of war
          - a rapist and his victim
          - a man and the female sex slaves he purchased

          And just so you know, both the Catholic and Orthodox Churches had same sex marriage liturgies on the books for centuries.

      • sage says:

        All of you unite to fight against ganja lovers.

    • Mike Hind says:

      Because what you are describing isn’t the case. It’s a misrepresentation of what’s happening.

      It’s not about “disagreeing with homosexuality”, it’s about actively working to deny people equal access to rights and privileges for absolutely no reason.
      Preserve Marriage and their supporters and the folks that agree with them have never once offered a valid, real reason to deny access to these rights.
      If we ARE to deny rights to people, it HAS to be done for a reason. If not it is, as the judge ruled, discriminatory and thus wrong.

      It’s not equal on both sides. One side seeks to harm people, the other wants to stop that harm.

  18. Janice says:

    alot of them look like they are ready to push up Daisy’s any day

  19. Dear PM Members says:

    I hope that you can see the reason why most of us without an “agenda” find it really hard to take you seriously and find your position a bit reprehensible.

    You talk about Preserving Marriage. Well how about speaking out against those that disregard and disrespect the institution of Marriage. By those I mean the people that regularly cheat on their spouses and live on doing it for their own satisfication without regard for the immpact of their selfish actions on their family.

    What about girls that are having babies out of wedlock and think its accceptable because a baby in their view is a gift to their partner.

    Where is your moral standing on those critical issues that are battering Bemruda’s social fabric and destroying people and familes and realtionships.

    You really think we should take a group of self-righteous people that wish to stomp on the rights of other seriously?

    Why not just go home and presesves yourselves from the embarrassment you bring to your group and our community.

    jingas bie.

    Bless and peacueful and inclusive May 24th holiday!

    • Redamtibi says:

      And gays will not do any of the above mentioned? Your type does not suffer infedelity? Who is being the judge now? Oh what deceit you weave…your type defies nature itself…defying a man would be second to that…naturally, or more aptly, unnaturally in your case.

      • bdaboy says:

        “your type defies nature itself…”

        FU…”your type” is racist, “your type” is bigoted, “your type” obviously doesn’t know the meaning of those words. “your type” is a disgusting waste of flesh.

      • Discriminate much? says:

        Thank you for your reply Redamtibi

        That folks is what discrimination sounds like. “YOUR TYPE”. Who’s judging now.

        I feel sad for you

        Peace and equality for all, not just those that feel they are entitled to it.

        Blessing abound in our great world.

      • blankman says:

        Nobody is claiming that gays won’t do any of the above. But here we have a group that claims they want to “preserve marriage” while ignoring those behaviours in the hetero world and at the same time pushing for discrimination against an already marginalized minority – that hardly reflects well on them.

        As for denying nature, some 500 species of animals engage in homosexual behaviour but only one is homophobic.

      • Mike Hind says:

        That is not the point. The point is that Preserve Marriage are focused on actually preventing people getting married and not the stuff mentioned, that does, in fact, mess up marriages.

        As for the “your type” thing? Your bigotry is showing. And it’s not a good look.
        Hate isn’t welcome in Bermuda.

  20. Kevin says:

    This comes down to what cults do, not surprised at all these folks believe that
    all PM believers
    drive within the speed limit
    they don’t lie
    that all straight people are perfect and follow gods will
    No they don’t committ adultery
    That they dont partake in swinger parties
    they dont divorce
    they dont gamble … bingo baby
    What a bunch of do as I say not as I do

    you included Furbert

  21. Torch says:

    The comments on this feed apparently do not reflect the majority of Bermudians. The majority of Bermudians want marriage to be 1man + 1woman. The dishonesty & bullying behind this SSM agenda is staggering.

    I hear SSM crew is staging a protest against religious & philosophical liberties under a guise. So much for being human rights advocates.

    We will still be there Thursday May 25th 12:30. Stand for marriage. Stand for God is Love, Stand for freedom of thought and beliefs.

    • bdaboy says:

      “I hear SSM crew is staging a protest against religious & philosophical liberties under a guise. So much for being human rights advocates.”

      You don’t like it when you’re slapped with your own form of BS bigotry.

    • sandgrownan says:

      You can have all the religious liberties you want, just keep them to yourself.

    • Um Um Like says:

      I’m sure the majority of Bermudians didn’t want slavery abolished.

    • Hope says:

      Great, another PM person. Can you please answer my question? I’m trying to find out what scientific and research papers are being used to support that ascertain that SSM can ruin society and the lives of children? Do you have any?

    • blankman says:

      “The comments on this feed apparently do not reflect the majority of Bermudians.”

      What evidence do you have of that? If you look at the results of the referendum you’d see that well under half of the population voted against SSM. The rest either support it or didn’t feel it was important enough to bother voting.

      As for standing for “freedom of thoughts and beliefs” – nobody is saying that you can’t believe what you want. And that includes worshiping the god you want in the way you want. What we are saying is that you have no right to attempt to force other people to live their lives according to your beliefs. Fact is, it’s groups like PM and it’s supporters who are opposed to freedoms.

      And if you really believed that “God is love”, you’d be supportive of people being allowed to marry the people they love.

    • Mike Hind says:

      Nope. The only dishonesty and bullying is coming from your side. There is NO evidence that the majority supports discrimination. This claim is dishonest on your part.
      The claim that the protest is against “religious and philisophical liberties” is also false and, thus, dishonest.
      You didn’t “hear” that. You made it up. That’s another false claim.
      Also, this isn’t about “religious and philisophical liberities”. Nobody’s liberties will be affected. At all.
      Unless you’d like to offer an example as to how they will? I know you won’t do this because, deep down, you know you’re being dishonest.

      As for “God is Love”? That’s fine. That’s your religion. You’re allowed to believe that.
      But, as mentioned, something being against your religion means YOU can’t do it, not the rest of us.

      And, again, how is your “freedom of thought and beliefs” being infringed?

      Oh, wait. You lot don’t answer questions like that, do you? You just post false claims, glass-housing arguments, accusing other people of being dishonest when it’s YOU that is, in fact, spreading lies and misinformation.

      Do better. GIve up hate and try being honest. Please. You are hurting Bermuda.

    • aceboy says:

      Stand for God is Love, Stand for freedom of thought and beliefs.

      You are supporting a stance AGAINST love and AGAINST freedom of thought and belief.

  22. FUI says:

    so called religious persons. YOU don’t represent me keep your zealot ideas to yourself. half of you are liars cheaters swindlers and bigots in your own world don’t blaspheme the word. Jesus said forgive. Get on with a real life

  23. Amy says:

    Those who have been and are discriminated against now want to discriminate. Makes no fing sense to me.

  24. Janice says:

    This and what they are doing is so embarrassing for them and bermuda it’s like the 60s only the are on the wrong side if they could not stop equality anywhere else in the world why do they think they can and why would we want to embarrassed we pass a law then we want to in in pass it for a few bigots? Come on now grow up and open ur minds looking dumb here folks the church of the cherry pickers does not run bermuda

  25. Real Onion says:

    These are the type of people that will continue to divide Bermuda

    • Real Onion says:

      BUT…you WONT succeed.
      your generation had it’s chance and blew it.

  26. Ben S says:

    Wow, sounds like it’s uber important for children to be raised by a man and a woman. I guess this group will want to make single parent households illegal.

  27. Zevon says:

    Why isn’t Burt speaking out against this bigotry? Has he changed his mind about bigots? He’s fine with them now?
    How about CURE? The Commission for Unity? Not interested in this type of Equality? They only care about unity and equality when it suits them.

    • RAINBOW says:

      So what of it Lynne Winfield ????????
      David Burt – one of the 20 who voted for Furbert’s bill of discrimination. The PLP leader voted against equality. SMH

      What two fine gentlemen Bermuda has leading the political parties of Bermuda. WTF
      The Premier Michael Dunkley abstained on the vote and David Burt voted against equality. These, ladies and gentlemen, are the two dinosaurs leading the political parties of Bermuda.

  28. D.Brown says:

    Gays. Hmm mm. Sad bunch.

    • Mike Hind says:

      Nope. By definition, they arent.

      You know what IS sad? Bigots.

  29. CHARITY says:

    Are frickin’ kidding me ?
    That this bunch of intolerant bigots were allowed charity status to raise funds to fight in court and pay a lawyer in order to deny EQUALITY. SHAME on the Charities Commission.
    By the way WHY hasn’t the Registrar spoken on the charity status of P ? Are they a charity or are they NOT ???
    Of course they should never have been granted charity status in the 1st place. The actions of PM have disqualified them as they contravene the guidelines of the charities act, simply in their attempt to deny others their right of equality.

  30. Ben says:

    PM should link up with the guy who brought the irritated Jeanie here and bring him back. They can get CURB to promote it and have the informative talk at Liberty Theatre. The great defender can be there too but just happen to go to de baffroom during the most bigoted and hateful part of the talk….

  31. LOVE WINS says:

    GO TAIWAN xxxx
    Taiwan did just what Bermuda did on May 5th xxxxxxx

    • PBanks says:

      Pretty fascinating. May kickstart the movement in East Asia. Parallels to what’s happening here, but on a larger global scale?

  32. bluwater says:

    These folks love being martyrs and using religion as a bat. Spiritual vanity. Vanity.