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April 13, 2022

[Updated] Minister of Transport Lawrence Scott, Acting Premier Walter Roban and representatives from RMI and Golden Dragon Bus Company are holding a press conference this morning [April 13] regarding the introduction of electric buses. We will have additional coverage later on and in the meantime the live video is below.

Update: The live broadcast has concluded and the 24-minute replay is below

Update 4.15pm: Minister Roban’s remarks:

Good morning,

I am pleased to be here, to say a few words about the culmination of this first phase of the electrification of Bermuda’s motor fleet- not to steal the thunder of my colleague, Minister Scott, but to offer my most sincere congratulations for this impactful project. I am here today in my capacity as not only as the Acting Premier, but also as the Minister responsible for the Environment and Energy, so this project has been near to my heart for quite some time. I want to thank all the people involved in bringing this part of the work to fruition, and note that it was a joint effort between the Ministries of Transport, Home Affairs, and the a result of the continued efforts of the Rocky Mountain Institute, who held our hands every step of the way. Our work with RMI began back in November of 2018, when the Ministries of Home Affairs and Transport signed the Memorandum of Understanding that set us on this path.

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I had emphasized it then and will again- we have not paid a single penny for the work of RMI. Considering the economic challenges facing Bermuda and the world over, it is important to highlight those occasions where we achieve truly exceptional value for the effort and money spent. And so, we are grateful for the valuable and effective support provided by RMI.

Through this collaboration, born of an introduction to them many years ago via the Caribbean Renewable Energy Forum, also known as CREF, we can now confidently say that our fleet is greener, and leaner.

These buses will have manifold benefits for Bermuda, not least of which is a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. Bermuda is doing its part to reduce global emissions- even though our efforts are minute in comparison to other industrialized countries, we can be a beacon to other small island communities who may be hesitant about adopting electric mobility. These new buses will be quieter, far cleaner, and ultimately less expensive than the diesel buses we have now. These buses are good for our environment, good for our economy, and good for our people.

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I am told that some of you may have already ridden them, as their deployment has been ongoing for the last week or so and they have been running on a few routes. This is the first big step toward a more sustainable transport sector, and ultimately a more sustainable future. I look forward to a future where there are more electric vehicles, both public and private are generally found on our roads. Just imagine a future where the air quality in Bermuda is great, and near our roadsides you can walk around free of vehicle exhaust in your face, where the loudest sounds will be our birds by day and our tree frogs by night is exciting indeed.

Thank you.

Minister Scott’s remarks:

Good Day and thank you for joining us today

With increased environmental awareness, the world is turning to electric vehicles in an attempt to help reduce roadside emissions, noise pollution and improve air quality; all of which lend to an improved quality of life for Bermuda residents.

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There is a global acceptance that there are several benefits to transitioning to electric vehicles including lower cost, energy efficiency and lower environmental impact.

Today’s rollout of the new fleet of electric buses is a result of feedback that the Ministry received during the 2019 Transport Green Paper consultation.

I believe we have used the consultation to develop environmentally favourable options that will benefit Bermuda, not just today but in the future.

We have taken delivery of all 30 electric buses, of which, the first 10 buses are now in service and the remaining 20 buses will be operational in the coming weeks. Charging stations at the Fort Langton and Dockyard bus depots are operational, and the St. George depot will come online later this month.

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The Ministry of Transport is pleased to have partnered with RMI and Golden Dragon Bus Company and the Department of Energy. I want to extend my thanks to the project team that led this initiative including Roger Todd, DPT; Adrian Dill, Department of Energy; Christopher Bulley, Department of Planning; Mannard Packwood, Ministry of Transport; EJ Klock McCook, RMI; and Xiao [Alex] Kunrui, Golden Dragon Bus Company.

The Ministry of Transport looks forward to working with all stakeholders to ensure that the transport sector is “EV-ready” in regulation, policy, capital improvements, and planning for public and private infrastructure to adequately sustain electrification.

Thank you

Principal with RMI’s Carbon-Free Mobility Program EJ Klock-McCook’s remarks:

Thank you for the introduction and kind words.

First, I’d like to extend my sincere congratulations to Bermuda.

It’s been an honor to be part of the team and have a front row seat throughout the process of Bermuda building a more resilient and clean public bus system.

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Contextualizing success

To avoid catastrophic climate change impacts, the world needs to cut transportation emissions in half over the next 8 years.

My team at RMI—Carbon-Free Mobility—is working towards that goal with significant initiatives in the US, China, and India.

From this vantage point, I can confidently say that the deployment of these buses is a huge milestone, not only because it positions the island as one of the regional leaders in electric public transportation, but also because the level of intentional ambition Bermuda has demonstrated is exactly what we need to see on a global scale to address the climate crisis—AND, it provides the blueprints to make it possible.

In context to other larger nations, it becomes clear that what Bermuda has accomplished is a herculean feat. While most transit agencies make small purchases that are 1% or 2% of the fleet, Bermuda has taken the bold step of electrifying 1/3 of the total fleet with this first deployment, positioning it well to achieve full electrification by the end of this decade.

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RMI’s role

When the Ministry of Transport reached out to RMI in 2018, we had no idea that the outcome of our work would cut operations and maintenance costs in half. These 30 buses will save Bermuda 10 million dollars over the buses’ lifetime.


Why does this matters on a global stage? It boils down to intentional ambition: Bermuda presents a successful, scalable model through integrating four key elements: ambition, local ownership, equity, and execution.

Let this accomplishment spark a sense of joy and pride for your island and its pioneering ambition as you take your first zero-emission rides on one of these electric buses.

I look forward to continuing collaborations with Bermuda to build a clean, secure, zero-carbon future. Congratulations!

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