Bermuda Motocross Final Race Day Results

May 23, 2022

The Bermuda Motocross Club’s season came to an end at the Southside Motor Sports Park.

Jahricko Wall won the Super Mini Class, Cassidy Spencer-Furbert won the Pee Wee Division on the day, A’Jahni Foggo won the 50cc Class. Aiden Simmons won the 65cc Class, while Jazuri Easton-Thompson won the 85cc Class.

Michael Maclean won the Novice Class, Lorenzo Burch claimed the win in the Over 30’s Class, and Kenneth Matthie won the Expert Class.

Expert Class

1. Kenneth Matthie
2. Allan Degraff
3. Kaijun Simmons
4. Aaron Cannonier
5. Preston Martin

Novice Class

1. Michael Maclean
2. Kaje Matthie
3. Daquan Burgess
4. Farijah Harvey
5. Jazuri Easton-Thompson

Over 30’s Class

1. Lorenzo Burch
2. Ben Zoellner
3. Letroy Trott
4. Wentworth Tucker
5. Jason Harrell

Super Mini Class

1. Jahricko Wall

Peewee 50 Class

1. Cassidy Spencer-Furbert
2. Jacob Raynor
3. Max Butterfield
4. King Clarke
5. Daige Musson

50cc Class

1. A’Jahni Foggo
2. Tinho Tucker-Wall
3. Mazaii Tucker
4. Jacob Raynor
5. Rome Dill

65cc Class

1. Aiden Simmons
2. A’jahni Foggo
3. Anyuri Persad
4. Kayden Turini
5. Mikah Alves

85cc Class

1. Jazuri Easton-Thompson
2. Aiden Simmons
3. Drake Raynor
4. Deige Paynter
5. Z’naz Jones

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