Rosewood Bermuda Appoints Dieon Fowles

May 12, 2022

Rosewood Bermuda has appointed Dieon Fowles as it’s Talent and Culture Development Specialist to “build a strong talent and culture pool this 2022 season by training young and talented Bermudians for the hospitality industry.”

A spokesperson said, “An experienced Talent and Culture Development Specialist, Fowles has a demonstrated history of working in the hospitality industry. With over 20 years of experience in a wide range of departments such as Food & Beverage, Front Office, Hospitality Management and Hotel Management, she joins Rosewood Bermuda with an impressive skillset. Fowles started her career with the opening of Ritz-Carlton Rosehall in Jamaica where she managed the portfolio of Training & Quality from 2000 to 2009.

“Following her love for traveling, she joined Rosewood Little Dix Bay in the British Virgin Islands, before accepting a position Rosewood Bermuda in 2015. After six years with Rosewood Hotels & Resorts, she embarked on an adventure with the Four Seasons Nevis where she continued to develop hospitality professionals to embrace the ever-changing landscape in the industry. In October 2021, Fowles returned to the Rosewood family and currently holds the position of Talent & Culture Development Specialist at Rosewood Bermuda.”

“I have a strong passion for developing minds,” said Dieon Fowles, Talent and Culture Development Specialist at Rosewood Bermuda. “I aim to engage each learner based on their own needs and to further enhance the skills that will be important especially in the dynamic context of travel today. People come to the hotel for a unique luxury experience, so it is vital to train employees to deliver on these experiences.”

A spokesperson added, “Rosewood Bermuda prides itself on maintaining an employee population that is almost 100 percent Bermudian. The Executive Committee is based in Bermuda, which consists of four Bermudians and two work permit holders, and the property currently holds work permits for ten employees that represent four percent of all employees at Rosewood Bermuda.

“Dedicated to the empowerment and growth of Bermudians, Fowles is continuing the implementation of the Rosewood Academy training program which assists aspiring industry professionals embrace ownership, passion, collaboration, innovation and transparency and to live The Rosewood Hotel Group’s guiding philosophy – Relationship Hospitality.

“In contrast to traditional training, Rosewood Academy offers a unique experience to equip associates with the management skills and knowledge by providing different leadership programs across all job levels. It provides a development journey for associates who aspire to accelerate their career and personal growth with Rosewood Bermuda. Currently there are three leaders engaged in this Program.

“There are several associates engaged in other development programs, with an overwhelming success. Doral Francis started in 2009 when he was hired as a Beach Attendant and has since been promoted to the position of Assistant General Manager of the Harbour Court Private Residence Club. He has been with the resort for 13 years.

“Katherine Burchell has been with Rosewood Bermuda for six years now, starting as a Front Desk Agent. She has since made the lateral move to Conference Services where she is currently training to be the lead in that department. Zakiya Adams joined the Rosewood Bermuda team in 2016 has been with the property ever since. Starting as a Front Office Agent, she has since moved to the position of Associate Sales Manager on the Sales Team and has been a major player in the recruitment drive on the island.”

“I’m extremely proud of how far this program has come and even more proud of the executives that have gone through it,” said Sascha Hemmann, managing director of Rosewood Bermuda. “Deion has been such a huge part of the program’s success and I couldn’t be happier to have her on our team.”

“In the Rosewood Bermuda training and development program under the guidance of Fowles, all three executives, along with several others, have grown into eager, motivated and hard-working professionals with a desirable skillset to take on all challenges they may face while working in the hospitality industry. Each executive will continue to undergo training with every position they encounter to ensure they meet all Rosewood standards, regardless of their job level.”

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