112 Goals Scored In Youth Futsal League

June 20, 2022

The 2022 Youth Futsal League continued at the National Sports Center, with a total of 112 goals scored in the two divisions.

In the 8-11-year-old age group a total of 52 goals were scored, Mackay Browne from Force Orange is the league leading goalscorer with 24 goals, Enoch Ball from the Force Black, and Chavi Pacheco-Hill from Force Yellow are tied in second with 21 goals.

League Leading Goalscorers:

  • 24 Mackay Browne [Force Orange]
  • 21 Enoch Ball [Force Black]
  • 21 Chavi Pacheco-Hill [Force Yellow]
  • 14 Cree Bean [Force Red]
  • 14 Julian Hands [Force White]
  • 14 Cameron Smith [Force Green]

The full Youth Futsal League 8-11 Age Group June 19th results follow below [PDF here]:

In the 12-14-year-old age group a 60 goals were scored, Malik Paynter from Force Red remains the leading goalscorer this week with 22 goals in the league, Markus Eve from the Force Grey, and Khari Sharrieff from the Force Black are tied for second with 15 goals each.

League Leading Goalscorers:

  • 22 Malik Paynter [Force Red]
  • 15 Markus Eve [Force Grey]
  • 15 Khari Sharrieff [Force Black]
  • 14 Jaylen Heaven [Force Yellow]
  • 13 Harlem Bean-Fox [Force Yellow]

The full Youth Futsal League 12-14 Age Group June 19th results follow below [PDF here]:

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