White & Conyers Win Cycling Championships

June 20, 2022 | 0 Comments

The Bermuda Bicycle Association hosted the CG Insurance Bermuda National TT Championship at Clearwater with Conor White and Caitlin Conyers both riding to victory.

White won the Men’s Open Division clocking a time of 39:52.2, Kaden Hopkins was second in 40:59.2, and Liam Flannery finished third with a time of 41:50.1.

In the Women’s Open Division Conyers clocked a time of 40:26.2, with Sarah Ryan second clocking 45:57.5.

The Masters Men Division race was won by Steve Smith who was clocked in 46:42.4, Steve Millington was second when he was clocked across the line in 47:42.1, and Geoff Smith finished third with a time of 49:35.7.

Elizabeth Stewart won the Mastesr Women’s Division with a time of 49:26.9, Julia Hawley finished second with a time of 49:28.3.

The Junior Men Division was won by Tommy Marshall who clocked a time of 33:30.9, Cameron Morris was second with a time of 34:49.1, and Thomas Quarterly finished with the third fastest time of 35:08.6. Charlotte Millington won the Junior Women’s Division clocking a time of 38:04.5.

Open Men’s Division

39:52.261 Conor White
40:59.227 Kaden Hopkins
41:50.130 Liam Flannery
43:39.394 Nicholas Narraway
46:26.991 Alexander Miller
48:15.194 Toby Wright
52:15.262 Chris Nusum

Open Women’s Division

40:26.231 Caitlin Conyers
45:57.540 Sarah Ryan

Masters Men’s Division

46:42.442 Steve Smith
47:42.167 Steve Millington
49:35.783 Geoff Smith
52:56.918 Otis Ingham
53:09.994 Jonah Jones
53:17.192 Clifford Roberts
56:18.551 John Thompson
1:00:27.332 Craig Ferguson
1:01:38.505 Matthew Ringer
1:08:35.911 Rory Gorman

Masters Women’s Division

49:26.912 Elizabeth Stewart
49:28.353 Julia Hawley

Junior Men’s Division

33:30.928 Tommy Marshall
34:49.170 Cameron Morris
35:08.663 Thomas Quarterly
36:52.754 Jake Smith
43:17.168 Remy Donawa

Junior Women’s Division

38:04.540 Charlotte Millington

10 & Under Men’s

12:13.379 Walker Smith

Youth 11-12 Women’s Division

22:00.419 Kelise Wade

Youth 13-14 Men’s Division

27:27.985 Jackson Langley
31:02.643 Zach Moniz
32:13.298 Andrew Thomas

Youth 13-14 Women’s Division

34:48.390 Skye Ferguson

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