Top 10 Most Viewed Videos For July 2022

July 31, 2022

During July 2022, Bernews videos were quite well watched, with over a million views on this month’s videos across the various social networks and on our dedicated video website Bernews.TV.

The most viewed video for the month was the decorations on Somerset Bridge which got over 430,000 views on Facebook alone, while another video showing a cruise ship also proved popular, with over 115,000 views on Facebook.

The most viewed video on Bernews Instagram page for the month was the whale shark swimning up to a boat, the most watched Twitter video was Dame Flora Duffy winning the gold medal, while the most viewed on YouTube — which are below — included the Cup Match motorcades from Somerset & St George’s, Bermuda Charge event and more.

#1 – Whale Shark Swims Up To Boat In Bermuda, July 19

#2 – A Quick Look At SCC Prior To Cup Match, July 28

#3 – The Night Before Cup Match At Somerset Cricket Club, July 27

#4 – HSBC Cup Match Motorcade From Somerset, July 26

#5 – Shenseea And Ding Dong Concert, July 27

#6 – HSBC Cup Match Motorcade From St George’s, July 25

#7 – Scooter Mart Bermuda Charge Event, July 3

#8 – Bermuda Newsflash For Thursday, July 21

#9 – Bermuda Newsflash For Thursday, July 28

#10 – Robby & Kristy Bell’s Cup Match House Decorations, July 28

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  1. aceboy says:

    No videos taken by the influencers then?