Two Arrested In Connection With Burglaries

July 14, 2022

A 35-year-old man was “arrested in connection with a number of burglary incidents” and in a separate matter, a 26-year-old was “also arrested for a burglary incident,” the police have confirmed.

A police spokesperson said, “A 35-year-old male from Hamilton Parish has been arrested in connection with a number of burglary incidents.

“Officers from the Criminal Investigations Unit conducted a search of a residence and seized a number of electronic items believed to be stolen property.

“In a separate matter, a 26-year-old from St. Georges was also arrested for a burglary incident and suspected stolen items seized.

“While the investigations remain ongoing, it is believed the items recovered are connected to the recent spate of burglaries committed in the City of Hamilton.”

Image provided by the police of the suspected stolen electronics

Burglary Bermuda July 14 2022

Detective Inspector Derricka Burns of the Criminal Investigations Department [CID] said: “These are two significant arrests made by the officers of the Criminal Investigations Unit. We wish to thank those members of the public who have come forward and provided information to assist with the investigation thus far.

“There is still some property that has not yet been identified and we urge shop owners, particularly those who sell electronic items, to check their inventory for any missing property.

“Anyone with information on burglaries committed within the city of Hamilton or elsewhere, can make contact with us.”

“To reach CID, please call 295-0011. You may also call 211 or, provide the information to a police officer you know or are comfortable speaking with.”

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  1. Advice says:

    Bring back the stocks like they used to have in St Georges. Let the public see their faces in shame, and make them pay back for everything they stole, plus interest for suffering and inconvenience. Fine them for their crime, and lock them in prison for minimum 5 years after putting them in the stocks.

    Also, stop serving KFC and nice food at prison, and take away their televisions. bet that would make criminals fear prison more.