Skyport Releases Flight Schedule For September

August 19, 2022

Skyport released the airline flight schedule for September 2022, with British Airways, American Airlines, United Airlines, Air Canada, Delta Airlines, and SATA Azores International all scheduled to serve Bermuda.

A spokesperson said, “On behalf of Skyport, the confirmed commercial flight schedule for September, noting the following highlights:

  • Evening Air Canada flights end September 1st, with the airline only operating a lunch time arrival and departure schedule Sundays and Fridays with an additional Wednesday flight scheduled for Wednesday, September 7th following the Labour Day Holiday weekend.
  • United ends its annual Newark seasonal service on September 6th
  • American temporarily suspends its non-stop service out of its Miami hub on September 6th with a planned resumption set for November, though will continue to provide expanded connectivity options out of its Charlotte and Philadelphia hubs
  • SATA ends its Azores seasonal summer service September 13th with a planned resumption scheduled for December

The schedule is below [PDF here]:

Skyport September 2022 Schedule

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Comments (7)

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  1. sandgrownan says:

    Less flights. No demand. Why is that Burt?

    • Question says:

      As long as TA fees keep rolling in, Burt thinks Tourism and IB arrivals are secondary issues. We all know why.

      We demand a list of everyone who benefits financially from the TA fees, including the software company and its owners. Transparency, Burt.

  2. Wing nut says:

    Where’s all the hhpocrital crybabies now that flights are arriving and the airport payments are sustainable.
    We know the oba created the pandemic.

    • what says:

      How do you look at this and come to the conclusion that flights are coming in?

    • tucker says:

      Wingnut is apt.

      “We know the oba created the pandemic.”

      That’s just sad, even for someone as uneducated as you.

  3. Question says:

    We need a full list of everyone making money out of the TA form and all its software and support.

  4. Puzzled says:

    Where are Jet Blue flights on this schedule?