DWD Accepting Trainee Program Applications

September 22, 2022

The Department of Workforce Development is now accepting applications for the 2022/23 Graduate Trainee Programme.

A Government spokesperson said, “As part of the Bermuda Economic Recovery Plan’s Youth Employment Strategy, the two Graduate Trainee Programmes held thus far have provided twenty-one [21] recent college/university graduates with coaching, employability skills training and one-on-one support to develop their personal brand. They have also had the opportunity to gain industry experience in their area of study.

“After the programme, participants benefitted from a three-month work placement sponsored by the Department of Workforce Development to assist with transitioning into their careers.”

Minister of Labour Jason Hayward said, “The first two offerings of this programme have proved to be a success and align with goal four of the Ministry’s Youth Employment Strategy, to expand apprenticeships and internship opportunities. I look forward to the start of the third cohort of graduates joining the programme. We are committed to our youth’s continued support and development to ensure they are prepared to become Bermuda’s future leaders.”

The spokesperson said, “Unemployed recent college and university graduates are encouraged to apply through the Bermuda Job Board at www.bermudajobboard.bm.

“Applicants must submit:

  • An official transcript;
  • Copy of awarded degree;
  • One written reference; and,
  • Résumé and Cover letter highlighting career goals and interests.

“The application deadline is 30 September 2022. For more information, contact the Department of Workforce Development at 297-7714 or email graduate@gov.bm.”

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Comments (6)

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  1. Left out says:

    And what about the young people that don’t have college/university degrees?????

    • saud says:

      You’re not qualified, you’re not accepted.

      • Realist says:

        Sad cause i have never seen a piece of paper get off the wall and do the work. Qualifications vs skill are 2 different things. Many qualified dont have the skill to perform, but the unqualified perform and show the most skill at what ever it is they do for work.
        Such a confused world we live in today.

        • saud says:

          You summed it up in your first sentence. No one is willing to get off the wall to work, skill or none…there’s a certain segment of Bermuda that is just lazy.

  2. Hannah Gibson says:

    I have an 18 year old who so wants to get into the fire department. So far hitting brick walls but brought in – how many firefighters” – just saying. He is a high school graduate so can anyone help him.