Horticulture Dumping Fee Waiver Extended

September 29, 2022

Following “significant demand from members of the public after last week’s passage of Hurricane Fiona,” the Ministry of Public Works has decided to extend its waiver of fees related to the commercial disposal of horticultural waste.

This waiver, effective only for the Marsh Folly site in Pembroke, has been extended until Saturday, 8 October. The standard fees associated with commercial horticultural waste disposal will be reinstated on Monday, 10 October.

Minister of Public Works Lt/Col David Burch stated: “Following our original announcement that we would waive the fees for this week, we noticed heavy traffic from commercial truckers dropping off foliage and other shrubbery related to Hurricane Fiona at our Marsh Folly plant.

“Our Ministry staff have also been inundated with calls from ordinary residents inquiring about the waiver and the availability of the Marsh folly site for horticultural waste disposal.

“Therefore, considering the high demand right now and the fact that many people are still cleaning up after the storm, it only makes sense to allow people more time to benefit from the suspension of these fees”.

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