Full Video: State Funeral Of Queen Elizabeth II

September 19, 2022

The State Funeral of Queen Elizabeth II is being held today [Sept 19] in the United Kingdom, with world leaders in attendance as Britain bids a last farewell to its longest-serving monarch.

Following the service, the Queen’s coffin will be drawn in a walking procession from Westminster Abbey to Wellington Arch, at London’s Hyde Park Corner. With the route lined with military personnel and police, Big Ben will toll at one-minute intervals as the procession moves slowly through the streets of the capital. Gun salutes will also fire every minute from Hyde Park.

The official Royal Family website said, “Alongside His Majesty The King and Members of the Royal Family, the congregation will be made up of past and present members of The Queen’s Household, including from the private estates. Also in attendance will be Governors General and Realm Prime Ministers.”

The Order of Service follows below [PDF here]:

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