Video: Bermuda Flag Shown During Procession

September 19, 2022

Thousands of people are lining the streets of London today [Sept 19] as the Royal Family, British people and world leaders gather for the State Funeral of Queen Elizabeth II, and the funeral procession passed the flags of the British Overseas Territories, including Bermuda.

Queen’s State Funeral Procession Passes British Overseas Territories Flags, Sept 19 2022

The BBC reported, “The Queen’s ‘lifelong sense of duty’ has been remembered in her state funeral service at Westminster Abbey.

“The Dean of Westminster, who led the service, expressed gratitude to a congregation of 2,000 people including world leaders and royalty.

“King Charles III led a sombre procession behind his mother’s coffin from Westminster Hall to the abbey. The Queen’s coffin has arrived in Windsor, where she will later be buried with her husband of more than 70 years.

“King Charles, Princess Anne, Princes Andrew and Edward, as well as Princes William and Harry, walked behind the hearse in the procession to St George’s Chapel. A smaller committal ceremony, attended by about 800 guests, is being held there.

“The Queen will be buried at a private family service on Monday evening.”

“Some 2,000 mourners bid farewell to the Queen at the state funeral, with presidents, prime ministers and foreign royalty among the guests.”

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  1. Coffeeman says:

    The Bermuda Flag is always there along with many others.

  2. Gil says:

    Utterly classless comment from Burt tonight on independence.

    He claimed now is not the time then said it anyway.

    How much longer must we endure him?

  3. Lol says:

    That photo of our fearless leader! Lol. That must have HURT him to sign that book.

    • sandgrownan says:

      Nah, he loved it. He loves all of this. He’s the big swinging d*&k from Bermuda. What will bothers him is how it’s perceived by the drooling rank and file of the PLP.

      But, as he’s a master of double speak, he’s slime his way out of it.