City Guidelines For Safe Trash Collection

October 19, 2022

The City of Hamilton is advising City residents, businesses and road users of “some general trash etiquette which should be followed to keep both trash truck operators and the public safe.”

A spokesperson said, “Please remember to be ‘KIND’ to our City refuse collectors:

  • K – Keep your distance from trash trucks when driving [at least 15 feet]
  • I – Inappropriate items should never be placed in the trash [needles, hazardous waste, etc.]
  • N – Never dispose of glass items with your regular trash [glass should be placed in the blue recycling bags]
  • D – Drive with respect for our refuse collectors and don’t overtake in an unsafe manner”

City Engineer Patrick Cooper said, “Our City sanitation staff work hard every day to keep our City streets clean and ensure that trash is picked up on a regular, reliable schedule. What we are asking is for members of the public to follow simple behaviors and guidelines which keep not only our staff safe as they go about their jobs, but also the public themselves.

“For example, there is always the possibility that bins can slip off the back of our trucks, so it is essential that motorists keep a safe distance from our trucks as they make their collection rounds in Hamilton, especially when overtaking. We ask that motorists create a safe buffer zone around the trucks in which workers can operate; that area should be considered a work zone.”

The spokesperson said, “Additionally, City residents and businesses are reminded to please remove their trash bins from the streets after their trash has been collected, during non-collection times. This limits the chances of bins being stolen, blown away during inclement weather and deters those living outside City limits from illegally dumping their trash in these bins.

“A full City refuse collection schedule can be found here.”

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