‘Dumping Is Not Only Illegal But Irresponsible’

March 24, 2020

“Household trash from outside the City limits is being brought into the City and dumped on City sidewalks for collection by City sanitation crews,” the City said today, adding that “this dumping is not only illegal but irresponsible.”

A spokesperson said, “The City of Hamilton reminds the public that the dumping of household trash that does not originate from within the City is illegal and violates the Waste Litter Control Act. The City will look to review CCTV footage and anyone caught bringing trash from outside parishes and dumping it in the City will be prosecuted.

“It has become evident that household trash from outside the City limits is being brought into the City and dumped on City sidewalks for collection by City sanitation crews. This dumping is not only illegal but irresponsible.

“City businesses and residents that pay City taxes abide by a collection schedule, imperative to the cleanliness of the City. They use City-issued wheelie bins so that their refuse is secured and the safety and health of the collection crews is not compromised. The wheelie bins also help to reduce rodents in the City whereas dumped plastic bags with household refuse can serve to attract them.

“In these unprecedented times, the City implores the public to make smart decisions, to act responsibly, and to do their part to engage in best practices as directed by the Government. Household trash that has not been picked up should be taken directly to Tynes Bay.”

There was a work stoppage yesterday due to “concerns raised by workers in the Waste Management section,” and today the Government announced that “outside agencies” will begin collecting residential garbage today.

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Officials are urging everyone to please follow all guidance like washing your hands, adhering to self quarantine if relevant, and practicing social distancing, and they have asked that if it is not urgent, a necessity or work, to please stay home to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

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  1. Jack Archer says:

    no doubt this is due to the current industrial action… nice one guys

  2. Cow Polly says:

    dump the trash outside the BIU offices!

  3. Pigs says:

    you have cameras USE THEM

  4. Jack says:

    Trash collectors hang your heads in shame. At a time like this when everybody is doing their best to stay home and protect our elderly your are forcing people to congregate in close quarters at tynes bay to dump their trash. We had a major rodent problem also last summer which wont be helped by this. Their pay should be cut until they return to work.