Recent Increase In Thefts From Parked Vehicles

October 20, 2022

Due to a “recent increase in reported thefts from unattended parked vehicles,” the Bermuda Police Service is reminding members of the public to “take proactive steps to reduce the chances of opportunistic crime.”

A police spokesperson said, “Residents are once again advised to be vigilant about where they park their motorcycles, cars, trucks/vans – particularly overnight [well-lit areas are preferable]. It is also strongly recommended that valuable items are removed before leaving vehicles parked and unattended.

“Parked motorcycles should be secured using the handlebar lock along with a secondary lock – like a wheel lock or throttle lock – and if the motorcycle has a storage box, it should also be secured before leaving the vehicle unattended.

“In general, the following pre-emptive tips can help reduce theft from vehicles.

Always lock unattended vehicles

“Make it a habit to lock your vehicle, even if you’re only going to be away from it for a moment. For cars and trucks/vans, that includes closing all windows and the sun roof, if the vehicle has one.

Take valuables with you or hide them

“Typical items stolen from unattended motorcycles include helmets and rain suits. Ideally, neither should be left under the seat, or in a lockbox. Any personal/electronic items left visible in unattended cars increases the likelihood that they will be stolen. Hide them in the trunk / boot, or take them with you.

Mark and lock away tools left in unattended trucks/vans

“Trucks/vans are often targeted by thieves for the tools stored inside. If leaving tools in an unattended truck/van during the day or overnight, mark them clearly with your name/company name and address. Use permanent marker and seal with a clear lacquer spray. Consider using a lockable cabinet within your truck/van to store tools, take photographs of them and note their serial numbers.

“As always, members of the public are encouraged to report any suspicious individuals or activity seen around unattended parked vehicles, by calling 211 at the earliest opportunity – providing as much information as possible about the location and time of any suspicious behaviour, as well as a description of the suspect[s] involved, if possible.”

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