Ministry Confirms ‘Stop Work Notice’ Lifted

October 10, 2022

Following a Stop Work Notice issued on 22 July 2022 by the Department of Planning relating to the property located at 2 Harrington Sound Road, Smiths, in the Shark Hole area, the Ministry of Home Affairs today provided an update on the matter.

A Government spokesperson said, “On concluding the investigation into this project, the Department of Planning and the Department of Environment and Natural Resources worked with the applicant to remediate any damage to the best extent possible and put in place additional conditions for the construction site to ensure all requirements were met and followed.

“The Ministry of Home Affairs can confirm that both departments are satisfied that the agent has complied with the proposed conditions and the Stop Work Notice has been lifted.

“The Ministry can advise that the initial Planning Approval listed 13 conditions that spoke to the site’s environmentally sensitive nature. They were designed to mitigate potential adverse environmental impacts during construction.

“Subsequently, the issued building permit contained seven additional conditions reiterating all the planning conditions to be adhered to during construction.

“After consultation with the Department of Environment & Natural Resources [DENR], the Stop Work Notice was issued, as a number of the conditions required their specific approval and/or attendance at the site. Additionally, various sections of the Conservation Management Plan and approved Landscape Plan were not followed. The DENR have also now approved the Construction Environmental Management Plan and Excavation Management Plan as required before work begins at the site.”

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