CAA: “End Domestic Abuse & Sexual Assault”

November 24, 2022

CAA 16 Days of Activism November 25, 2022 The Centre Against Abuse [CAA] is launching a movement to “encourage the Bermuda community to end domestic abuse and sexual assault.”

A spokesperson said, “Globally, 16 Days of Activism Against Gender Based Violence is observed between November 25th [Elimination of Violence Against Women day] and December 10th [Human Rights Day].

“This movement is held because violence against females remains the most pervasive human rights violation globally. Centre Against Abuse [CAA] is specifically choosing November 25th to activate our movement to encourage the Bermuda community to end domestic abuse and sexual assault [DASA].

“CAA is sending out a call to action, to persuade everyone to start implementing behaviors that eradicate DASA during these 16 days of activism, and CAA want the behaviors to become the norm for Bermuda to experience real change.”

The Executive Director, Laurie Shiell stated, “We are inviting everyone to partner with CAA to create a movement to end DASA in Bermuda. CAA’s vision is to eradicate domestic abuse and sexual assault in Bermuda. We recognize that to accomplish this we require your assistance.”

Martin Luther King Jr said, “The time is always right to do the right thing”, and CAA is encouraging our Bermuda community to make a change on a national level and do the right thing. Shiell stated, “No longer can we passively behave as a community of bystanders while victims are being killed and terrorized in their homes, on their job, and on the street. We must mobilize now as a community to end DASA to create a better Bermuda.”

Shiell also went on to say, “Addressing DASA requires a multi-sectoral partnership to create an impact and CAA is extremely enthusiastic that everyone will join this Bermuda movement to end DASA. As a collective we have the ability to utilize our voices, our ingenuity, and our positional power to generate change via a socio-ecological model which will produce positive shifts at the individual, relational, community/organizational, and societal levels regarding ending DASA.”

The spokesperson said, “Below are some recommendations to spark a desire for all to become active members of CAA’s movement to eradicate DASA from our shores that can be worked on individually or as a collective.

  • Listen and believe survivors
  • Encourage your company to post information that raises awareness on domestic violence, sexual assault and gender-based violence
  • Reach out to CAA to request an awareness session with your group [church, community group, sports team, workmen’s club, etc.]
  • Donate $25 a month for a year to CAA to support their services
  • Post awareness on your social media
  • Speak with your partner and friends about awareness to end DASA
  • Request advocacy training on ending DASA from CAA
  • Write to your company and government encouraging them to change unfair policies or laws that do not support victims of DASA
  • Men encourage men to take a stand against DASA
  • Check out CAA social media pages to stay informed
  • Speak to children about healthy relationships and model these behaviors.
  • Brainstorm your own ideas on what you can do to raise awareness.

“CAA is encouraging everyone and every organization to create a personal, relational, community/organizational and societal list on how they will end DASA.”

Shiell stated, “Together we can create a movement to end DASA and create a better Bermuda which will ultimately protect our loved ones from domestic abuse and sexual assault. #endDASA”

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  1. Lion Paw says:

    Proud of you Bermuda for taken stances to improve protect and educate the lives of your citizens.